Interior Stylist and Blogger Marilen Gives Us a Tour Around Her Charming Hong Kong Apartment

We paid a visit to the home of interior stylist and lifestyle blogger Marilen Faustino-Montenegro from Marilen Styles. Over a delightful platter of custard buns and peppermint tea, we discussed her favorite interior styles and the challenges of designing for a Hong Kong apartment since relocating from the Philippines.

Check out the video below to see our exclusive interview.

Marilen Styles Home Tour | NONAGON.STYLE from on Vimeo.

Here are some more images from our visit.

In the entryway Marilen keeps decorations and memories of family on this slim console table, which she picked up in Hong Kong. She likes to decorate with fresh flowers, and it creates an overall feeling of warmth and welcoming when you arrive in her apartment.

The bedroom features calming blue tones and picture frames. It’s a place of relaxation with its candles, organized storage, and the white walls and mirrors to reflect the light from the wide windows.

The living room is a place for family fun. On Friday nights the family will order pizza, or have a laid back dinner and stay in to watch movies. The kids even get to stay up a little later on Friday nights.

To find out more about Marilen, you can check out her blog Marilen Styles, particularly her blog post on How to Style Your Bedroom to Make it Look Like New in Five Minutes!

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