Minimal Home Makes Use of Maximum Space

How do you fill a home without making it feel cluttered? This beautiful minimal home in Mexico City belongs to a couple who wanted an open and adaptable space that they can easily transform as their family grows.

With high ceilings and well placed lighting and fittings, this latest renovation project has given the home a designer dynamic. In the transformation, designers have been careful not to let personality and charm be washed away by sleek interiors, making this minimal home an example of how to transform a large space that successfully caters to different purposes.

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A clean geometric approach was used to design the interior to create a flexible and fluid structure. The design is based around a central corridor that runs through the home and connects all the rooms. I say rooms, but you’ll notice that there are few fixed walls. Instead, blurred boundaries between spaces provide a visually open plan living area that also creates space for each purpose.

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The industrial look with mostly black, white and wood furnishing makes it clear that the focus is on simplicity, function and the views outside. The column and the exterior wall of the kitchen in concrete finish add to the muted look of the room. I love the simplicity of this setting.

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The giant windows provide natural light and keep the house well ventilated, while also giving the home owners a visual delight. A pop of purple in the hammock and the painting mimics the sky outside. The sliding ladder is a great idea to make use of the height and add more vertical storage space in the house.

Minimal home with open plan, in Mexico featured on

The fixed furnishing that defines the spaces was custom designed for this apartment. It creates open spaces that would be easy to manage and update over time. Various sliding wooden doors have been added along the corridor to create private areas and establish boundaries when required.

Living room with hammock in Mexico featured on

Paintings by Ulises Gallegos and Opioptico photography can be seen across the house decorating the walls and adding splashes of color to the monochrome setting.

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The interior design perfectly complements the exterior charm, providing a balance in aesthetics and highlighting the best features. All subsections of the living area are harmoniously aligned, without overstepping on the views of the garden. It would be such a pleasure to witness the changing seasons through these frames.

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We all want a nice home with a good view, which is not always possible for city dwellers. The Archetonic designers working on the project made use of the gorgeous views of the garden outside by incorporating floor length windows in the living area and all the bedrooms. It’s just one small feature of this house that makes it special.

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The kitchen is simple and minimal, keeping with the rest of the house. Clean lines and geometric arrangements can be seen here as well.

Minimal home with open views of the garden, in Mexico featured on

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Bright and spacious, this apartment has been designed for comfort and luxury.

Minimal home with open views of the garden, in Mexico featured on

The magic of a gorgeous vista adds to the delight of having a beautiful home. A sofa by the window is the perfect spot to soak in those views.

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The master bedroom has two open sides with the garden view. A small private garden can be seen outside, as if carved out just for this room. Imagine waking up to this every day! It’s a nice place to freshen up the senses in the morning. The minimal bedroom is a calm and quiet place to rest at night. The garden view adds a feeling of tranquility to the room.

Bedroom with open views of the garden, in Mexico featured on

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The bathroom has a spa like feel. It is minimal with a pop of purple, like a continuation of style from the living room.

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A shelving unit along this part of the corridor lies just outside the master bedroom. Framed pictures of some of the couple’s special memories add a personal touch. You can see the sliding doors clearly from this angle, and how they help in creating partitions in the open plan setting.

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This beautiful home with unique design solutions has so many great ideas we can incorporate into our homes. I especially loved the use of floor length windows to visually expand the space outdoors.

Are you thinking of redesigning your space? What is your design style?


Project: GH Mild

Design: Archetonic

Photos: Rafael Gamo