This Sculptural Home Boasts Spectacular Views of the Spanish Countryside

When typifying their dream home, contemporary was the keyword Rubén and Carlos kept coming back to. They wanted something decidedly distinct from the traditional houses typical of the Algaida region in Southern Spain. This home would adopt open spaces to facilitate that easy breezy indoor outdoor living vibe the couple craved. So far, so simple right? Except, of course, for the fact that Algaida have some of the strictest urban building rules in the region, put in place to stop the construction of anything remotely modern and atypical.

Let’s take a look at just how Rubén and Carlos got around this predicament to create the contemporary home of their dreams.

Stunning sculptural Spanish home with beautiful views of the countryside.

A rustic stone exterior punctuated by large industrial style windows is in many ways the embodiment of how architects from Jaime Salvá Arquitecto went about consolidating the contemporary demands of their brief with the strict Algaida planning laws. In other words, they employed a design that rested upon a delicate game of balance between old and new.

To comply with the lawful obligation of a distinctive sloping tiled roof for example, a traditional farmhouse became the basis of the home’s structure. From there, innovative tweaks, like changing the direction of the slopes of the roofs, or playing with the form of the conventional cubic farmhouse shape, ensured an overall contemporary look with a striking sculptural aesthetic.

Contemporary modern home with wood accents and spectacular views.

Contemporary modern living area with large industrial windows and bright blue sofa.

Inside, the home adopts a modern muted color scheme of grays, whites and blacks, with the occasional splash of blue and wood accents. We love how this simple design gives that picturesque view the attention it deserves; bordered by a minimalist black frame, they could easily be works of art in a gallery. Sliding glass doors that lead to a pretty decked garden area facilitate that all important indoor outdoor living flow, allowing for Rubén and Carlos to really make the most of their stunning location.

Sleek modern open-plan kitchen.

An open plan kitchen, dining and living area stays true to Rubén and Carlos’ vision of a home filled with open spaces. Dark matte cabinetry make the kitchen look sleek and streamlined for that ultimate modern elegance feel.

Minimalist master bedroom with spectacular views of the Spanish countryside.

In the master bedroom, a restrained sprinkling of bold design details add personality to the otherwise minimalist space. Pro tip: if you’re as indecisive as we are, aim to incorporate more daring colors and patterns via ‘temporary furnishings’ such as cushions, towels and seating so that you can easily switch up the look when you inevitably change your mind again.

Utilitarian tiled wet-room with a spectacular view of the Spanish countryside.

For the bathroom, a simple utilitarian tiled wet room suffices. And to be honest, with a view like that what more do you need? In fact, we’d go so far as to suggest that the sterility of the room makes the view that bit sweeter.

Minimalist white hallway with breathtaking views of the Spanish countryside.

Given the stringent urban planning restrictions, we’re especially impressed with how this contemporary home has come together. From the outside, the home is different enough to draw the interest Rubén and Carlos desire, yet not alien enough to not belong in its rustic surroundings. On the other hand, inside its modern contemporary that reigns supreme, though always in a way that highlights and celebrates those glorious views – it would be rude not to after all.

What do you think of Rubén and Carlos’ Spanish dwelling? Let us know in the comments below!

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Project: Casa Rubén Y Carlos

Design: Jaime Salvá Arquitecto

Photos: Jaime Salvá Arquitecto