Although It Seems Like This Home Is in Scandinavia, You’d Be Surprised!

With its wooden beams and surrounding pine trees you could be forgiven for thinking this photo of a timber cabin house was snapped somewhere in Scandinavia. But actually this house rests in the picturesque wetlands of Saint-Donat in Quebec, Canada!

The family who live here really enjoy cycling, hiking and swimming. So it was with great glee they found an abandoned cottage near this lake spot, with a for sale sign put up. They sold their home in the city and moved out to enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

This cottage is on the shores of Lake Archambault, north of Montreal. As the house was already built on wetlands, it made it difficult to build further, and they could next extend beyond the existing perimeter. According to the designers at Clairoux, this was one of the most interesting challenges of the design.

“It’s always a challenge to start with boundaries. The existing house was built in a wetland north of the lake and, if it was built today, the construction wouldn’t be possible. But the city allowed us to work, only on the existing perimeter,” said Frédric Clairoux, the principal interior designer on this project.

So the renovation moved upwards instead, transforming it from cottage to a residence big enough for a large family. Overall the feel of the area is one of relaxation and tranquility, so it was also to be a restful place for contemplating nature.

The fabulously large deck provides just the right spot for that rest and relaxation, don’t you think? This south-facing home enjoys plenty of private beach area along the lake.

Green glass mimics the firs on the surrounding land, while the soft colors used for the building’s timber create a light and airy atmosphere.

The wood used is a Northern White Cedar, with a silvery hue and blonde coloring. The wood is used throughout the home to give the overall impression of harmony and continuity.

The large open kitchen area connects some of the important areas of the house; the gorgeous terrace, the dining room and living room. It even extends right to the height of the ceiling where the upper floor balcony looks over the area.

The laminate countertops were implemented to give the space quite a chic look, rather than opting for heavier materials like marble. It gives a freshness and lightness to the room. The sinks and kitchen range were placed to look out over the view.

Minimal finishes give the house an edgy living room, that can work with old and new decor as the house grows up.

Mealtimes are an important part of the family’s downtime, so you can see there is plenty of room for everyone to gather round. The lampshades that hang above the dining room table are recycled elements from the family’s old house, bringing part of their former life to a new space.

These hooks hang by the doorway. The designer explains, “our decorator, Patrick Robichaud is very handy! We bought simple hooks and we glued them with UV light on a simple mirror fixed to the entrance wall. It’s a cute feature and practical for day to day use. We also added those hooks near the bathroom for the bathrobes and the spa outside.”

It’s a gorgeous project, and one that’s not entirely finished yet! While the home owners love their new space, they want to develop the attic room next to turn it into a dorm room for the grandchildren and visitors. Until then, it’s certainly a place for relaxation and restfulness, a lovely spot by the lake.

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Project: Nordic House

Design: FX Studio by Clairoux

Photos: Julien Perron-Gagné