Why Your Home Could Be Covered In Kale Next Year

Pantone has released a palette of 10 colors, predicting which shades we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2017, and it looks like brunch is on the menu.

Pantone’s Color of the Year is always a good indicator of the upcoming fashion trends and the colors to look out for. Their prediction palette was released last week at the tail end of New York Fashion Week, and features many of the tones and colors that put in an appearance during the Spring 2017 runway collections. While the color trends are always kick started by the fashion world, these color choices will soon stretch over into our home interiors.

The range of colors this year are a gorgeous mix of earthy and grounded hues. Many of them are also highly reminiscent of the brunch items you’ve been definitely finding on the menu this year!

While the deep Pink Yarrow picks up the soothing tones of a beetroot, the Primrose Yellow peeps out like the yolks of your sunny side up. Avocado toast makes an appearance with the leafy Greenery color, and all served up with a Hazelnut latte. As if we need to convince you any further, there’s even a color called Kale.


How will you be able to use these colors at home?

Well aside from cooking them up for your Sunday midday feast, there are a plethora of different ways you can incorporate some of these colors in your home without the need for a drastic paint job.

Pale Dogwood Pantone Color 2017 on NONAGON.style (throw from Burke Decor)

Pale Dogwood follows hot on the heels of the Rose Quartz trend that you saw in 2016, but with a darker touch to it. The color works well here as a throw, but I can also see it transporting well into leather textures such as a pouf or stool at the foot of the bed.

blues-and-greens-for-pantone-2017-colors(chair from Bend)

There are a good bunch of greens and blues in the palette, and these are great to replicate in the home. Put up some pictures of your last beach holiday and enjoy gazing at the blue skies, while making sure the flora and fauna is replenished with some new palms and plants in the corner.

Hazelnut Pantone Color 2017 on NONAGON.style home interiors
(table from Alexander Mueller, chopping board from Sue Pryke)

This soft woody brown tone is a nice and light color for home furnishings. You will most likely find this nutty look in wood furniture, so maybe we will see more natural finishes and wood stains in our floors, benches and table tops.


(pattern by Marimekko)

 Putting some pops of fuchsia into your decor is easy, especially when there are already some gorgeous colors like Pink Yarrow at your disposal. Finnish designer Marimekko for example makes these lovely fabrics that you could incorporate into cushions or curtains for an accent feature in the room. Personally, I have a friend with pink walls in the living room, and it’s always a fun place to be!

Niagara and Primrose Yellow on NONAGON.style

(image from frozen designs)

Niagara is close to a denim color, and pairs well with yellow. Pick textiles and fabrics in this shade easily, with a subdued yellow, and you’re as good as gold. Remember too that there are a few other blues on the horizon, so we could indeed be seeing a lot of breezy cerulean beach shades.

Flame color palette for home interiors on NONAGON.style

While indeed this is a collection of spring colors, you could quite easily find this lovely Flame to light up the hallways and table decor this fall. It’s a muted orange, none of that brassy bold plastic pumpkin stuff, but a sophisticated titian hue that will also look lovely paired with a deep green like Kale.


What do you think of this year’s color predictions, we’d love to hear your say! Are you a fan of the muted tones of this selection, or were you enjoying the pastels of 2016? Will it encourage you to eat more kale?