Patterns in the Bathroom

modern designer bathroom tiles collection

The bathroom is a tricky one, isn’t it? Changing the look of a bathroom can feel like a lot of work. It’s not as though you can rearrange the furniture and throw on a few new cushions to make it look different. Dealing with plumbing and cabinetry can be overwhelming, and sometimes it’s easier to just go for block colors.

But as we have seen other rooms in the house become more daring with styles and shapes, bold patterned tiles are having a comeback as a popular choice in bathrooms. They’re used to create striking wall features and flooring that make you squeal with excitement.

This is a round up of bold patterns and tile layouts that will make you consider going for patterns in the bathroom.


Big and Small

Rocker Chic Bathroom, from Consort blog - Fall Out Boy Guitarist Joe-Trohman Bathroom, on

Mixing bigger tiles with smaller ones, this rock chic bathroom was designed by Consort for Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman. I love the lilac squares neatly framed by the larger rectangular tiles, and the hexagonal tiles for the floor. It feels bold to pick the softer hue with the darker black gloss tiles, and makes a great contrast to the adjoining dressing room.


Mix and Match

Portuguese bathroom tiles, from At Will home tour on

These Azulejo tiles from this Taipei home are used as feature accents in the otherwise sparse room. The patterns are varied and ornate, giving it a high-end patchwork feel.

Black and white tiles bathroom azulejo style, on source)

Similarly, this bathroom wall uses black and white tiles in a mixed pattern collection. In this bathroom they’ve limited the design to only this accent wall, opting for lighter hues for the rest of the room. This is great for keeping the bathroom more simple but still designer. Maybe this is also an option for you if you’ve found gorgeous tiles, but a whole room of them won’t fit your budget.


On the Ledge

Bathroom tiles make a nice shelf area in the shower(image source)

Have you thought about adding a niche into your shower area? Hidden within the large stone blocks is this neatly framed tiled ledge. I like the style and it’s another lovely way to add an accent to the room. You can use bold patterns and shapes without being daunted.

Bathroom tiles hexagon sthapes and ledge shelf area - bathroom tiles on source)

The pattern here is still playful but subtle, using white tiles in different patterns to create something pleasing. Recessed shower shelves are good alternatives to plastic caddies and rusty fittings.


Three Sides

Green bathroom triangle tiles, Daniel Chase and Fire Clay Tile, on

Three sides of the bathroom have been tiled, using triangles! The mix of randomized green has worked out really well in this bathroom. The renovation project was led by Chase Daniels using Fireclay Tiles. It’s a bold look but really brings the room to life and makes it feel energizing.

Green bathroom tiles triangles, Daniel Chase and Fireclay Tile, on


Vintage Feel, Modern Fit

From Vintage Scout Interiors, bathroom tiles on source)

The porcelain floor tiles used in this bathroom look lovely against the classic white offset subway tiles on the wall. White and black is an easy favorite, but by going for patterns you’re really stepping up the game a notch. A monochrome base palette makes the rest of the room easy to accessorize with your favorite pops of color.

56 Camille-Hermand-Architecture-Home-Tour-Jennifer-Sath-on-NONAGON style

Bathrooms are not light intensive rooms, so keeping the walls and ceiling white mean that light can reflect easily. So the black and white tile pattern found in this Parisian family home is a desirable middle option, instead of plain white or solid dark floors.

Unique bathroom home, with black and white tiling - Camille Hermand Architecture Home Tour on NONAGON style, photo Jennifer-Sath


Big and Bold

Modern subway tiles in the bathroom, JAS design build on

Using the marble polished stone patterned tiles in larger, bold shapes makes such a different compared to a plain white tile. Stone is strong and hardy, and the pattern of the tiles in this bathroom capture that feel. The texture in the marbling gives the finish some grace and elegance, especially when paired with the marble worktops. The marble pattern has traditionally been used in classic style bathrooms in ornate finishes, but it has made a comeback in our contemporary decor.


Herringbone and Chevron

Kate La Vie's herringbone tiles in the bathroom(image source)

Herringbone and chevron patterns are a great way to be use plainer, cheaper tiles in an interesting way. The bathroom feels chic and light in this photo, and the pattern is bold but not over the top.

Feathered herringbone marble tile shower(image source)

So too is this feathered herringbone design. A classy and delicate use of pattern, picking tiles that are not your typical square or rectangle format.

Bathroom layout. Unique bathroom with chevron tiles, on source)

Chevron is similar to herringbone, in the use of diagonal tiles. But what makes it different is the way the tiles meet neatly edge to edge to create the pattern. The chevron tiles in this bathroom make a big bold look, yet the room is able to maintain a classic and simple feel with the marble and white elements.

I think it’s quite possible to pick bold patterns for the bathroom. In the same way we are growing more comfortable with using extra flourishes and colors in our furnishings, will you be tempted to give your bathroom that something different with fun tiles? Which patterns and shapes will work in your bathroom?