No Backyard? These Fun Pet Toys Will Keep Your Furry Friends Happy Indoors

Petcube interactive camera and pet toy.

There are many perks to city living – convenience (unlimited dining delivery options, I’m looking at you), the cultural diversity and that feeling of being in the center of it all, to name but a few. The only downside? Not having any backyard space to call my own.

I’ve talked on here before about how to make the most of a tiny balcony space. Now it’s time to talk pets. More specifically, how to keep your furry friends happy indoors. Spoiler alert: the secret’s in the pet toys.

Pet Cube Play

Petcube smart pet toy which acts as a toy and a camera.

What happens when tech meets pet toys?

Enter the Pet Cube Play, which functions as both a pet toy and a pet camera. Who needs a backyard to play fetch in? This nifty gadget boasts a built-in laser that allows you to play with and exercise your pet indoors. Even better, the laser is controlled by your phone and comes with an auto-play mode, making this the perfect toy for when you’re too busy to keep your furry friend entertained personally. The camera component and two-way audio feature is a great bonus, allowing you to check up on your beloved pet whenever you have to leave them home alone.


The GoBone - the world’s first ever smart bone.

Sticking with the tech theme, how about treating your pup to the world’s first ever smart bone? This pet toy bills itself as an “entertainment device” and can be run either automatically or via your smartphone. The GoBone moves around on its own and can be programmed to play games such as Fetch or Hide and Seek. What’s more, the GoBone is fully customizable, adjusting its behaviour and exercises based on age, weight, breed and play style.

Nina Ottosson Puzzle Toys

Nina Ottosson intelligent interactive pet toy to encourage work out of the mind and body.

Designed with the thinking pet in mind, Nina Ottosson’s range of puzzle toys aims to exercise your furry friend’s mind and body. These interactive pet toys encourage cats and dogs to find hidden treats by lifting or pushing away blocks with their nose or paws. In doing so, Nina promises this can help and reduce behavioral and weight problems whilst further strengthening your animal-human bond.

Catit Senses Circuit

Catit interactive pet toy circuit for cats.

According to Catit, cats are “natural born hunters” who revel in chasing movement and light. To ensure maximum stimulation for our feline friends then, Catit has created the Senses Play Circuit: a tubular pet toy featuring a ball that zips around a closed track in roller coaster fashion. Cats will have hours of fun chasing and swatting the ball. To keep your cat interested, the circuit can be built and rebuilt into different shapes – it’s the ultimate pet toy that keeps on giving.


Elegant geometric pet toy and bed for cats and dogs.

An interesting, design-led take on the traditional pet bed, the Petcozy offers our furry companions an elegant playground to rest or play in. The geometric structure can be re-configured to create either a cocoon-like enclosed space or an open-top bed for pets to relax and hide in. The simple utilitarian design and material choice make this the perfect addition to the modern home.

Mungo & Maud Knit Cat Toys

Lets get back to basics with Mungo & Maud’s adorable range of knitted cat toys. Twee designs and homemade charm ensure that these toys are every bit as aesthetically pleasing as they are entertaining. Cats are sure to love the crochet Packed Lunch Fish Cat Toy, filled with catnip; tantalizingly dangle in front of your feline friend to recreate the feeling of chasing fish in a stream, right in the comfort of your backyard-less abode.

What are your tips for keeping pets happy indoors? Let us know in the comments below!

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