Sloping Topography and Private Verandas Make This Portuguese House Extra Special

Initially this plot of land was a field, with a few fruit trees and bushes dotted along the property. Also on the site was a stone pit and a handful of granite walls typical of this region in Portugal. These elements were preserved, to keep some of the site’s heritage, but now a new building stands. Sleek interior design and playful use of the slope give this house a relaxing and serene feel.

The sloping hill encouraged the two story level approach, with the lower floor featuring a street facing porch, car parking area, and the lawn. Inside, the lower level provides space for service rooms; where the family can hide an extra storage room, toilet, and the laundry room. It also contains an atrium that reaches to the upper floor. The facade is framed with polished white marble panels.

Upstairs features all the living areas plus three bedrooms, but you’ll notice the way that the hill slope allows these rooms to flow out to the garden, with decking areas and the swimming pool.

A direct path from the ground floor makes its way to the upper story via an outdoor staircase.

Each of the rooms upstairs has a space that flows out, giving the occupants plenty of room to engage with their surroundings.

The kitchen was finished in Silestone natural quartz material, along with the lacquered flooring giving the rooms a polished finish.

The corridor runs along the eastern part of the building with a long bookshelf. There’s a home office, and a centralized flow between the hallways and rooms.

The living rooms on the upper story all have a private veranda. It was important to the home owners to have that connection between the inside and outside, so the rooms feel like they extend through these large windows right out to the garden.

Rugs were chosen for the living room and dining table that help to define zones in the open plan room.

When designing a room with a view, make use of the windows! Here for example the dining table looks out from many angles to the view of the garden, making it a special place for eating together.

Floor to ceiling curtains make the design elegant and simple. They soften the hard look of a wall of window, and the chosen textiles float so gently, barely kissing the floor.

Bedrooms in warm tones, and custom headboards provide a relaxing and peaceful place to unwind.

Architect Raulino Silva explains, “both bathrooms have a private winter garden that allows its natural illumination and ventilation.”

Charged with the task of creating a house where both floors have a direct connection with the garden, architect Raulino Silva devised a way for rooms to extend beyond the walls. Each room uses windows for walls, providing private shade and secret patios to make the Touguinhó III House feel spacious and well lit. It’s a house with an abundance of comfortable spaces in which to relax and enjoy views of the garden.

Project: Touguinhó III House

Design: Raulino Silva Architect

Photos: João Morgado