Putting Your Plants on Show

Maybe you didn’t make it to the Chelsea Garden Show this year – no biggie. You can still have beautiful bouquets at home, and make them even more standout with this collection of gorgeous plant stands.

Monochrome planters by Capra Designs, on NONAGON.style

Capra Designs Minimo Planters on NONAGON.style

Capra Designs Minimo home planters, on NONAGON.style

Minimo planters by Capra Designs, on NONAGON.style


Beautiful and each one unique, I have fallen hard for these handmade cone pots from Capra Designs in Melbourne, Australia. Bianca Lambert and Thomas Wilson make them using a water-based resin, and craft them in a pretty rose quartz pink color, or a midnight black. They wow with their steel wire frames – a contemporary and clean look for your patio.



Kuiper Belt astronomical shapes for metal planters, on NONAGON.style

Kuiper Belt

Jumping Juniper! Who knows what’s out there in space, what new life forms and interesting things grow in the dark beyond? That’s exactly what designer Katerina Kopytina is exploring with her plant pot collection. Each plant hanger represents new life, life that hasn’t been discovered yet. It’s based on the discovery of the Kuiper Belt, and the idea that there are probably so many objects out there that we haven’t even identified yet.

Cake plant vase succulents, on NONAGON.style
Yummy cake planters for indoor plants, on NONAGON.style

Brian Cake Planters on NONAGON.style

The Brian

Just a reminder: not all plants are edible. But you just might forget that while looking at these cute plant pots created by Brian Giniewski. These planters make your plants look like cupcakes, with their light colors and shiny ceramic glaze at the top.. you could be forgiven for thinking that’s icing!

Sabi planters vase with metal and color, on NONAGON.style Sabi planters vase with metal and color, on NONAGON.style


Maybe you’ve taken a spin class at your local gym, or you have even tried wool spinning on a wheel. But have you heard of metal spinning? Designer Jung Soo Park has used metal spinning to create these cute planters in copper, metal and brass. As the plant grows, the metal also changes color to reflect on the way it interacts with the plant and water. Not recommended for plants you want to eat, as they could pick up traces of the metal, but for other plants it’s perfectly fine as they all absorb metals in the soil anyhow.

Unihom Orb glass terrarium planter for succulents, on NONAGON.style

These delightful orbs suspend from above, and look like raindrops full of flowers. They are made from blown glass, and come with sand to home your favorite succulents. The only question really is where will you hang them?

Spinning orb Lyfe planter levitates with magnets, on NONAGON.style

Lyfe gravitating magnetic planter, on NONAGON.style


This is definitely one to keep an eye out for! Magnets are set into this oak planter, so that your plant levitates above its base, which not only looks awesome but allows your plant to absorb the sunshine from many different angles. Only launched on Kickstarter recently, and we wait with eager anticipation to see how it goes.