Quirky Chair Inspo to Help You Make a Statement

We’ve talked about statements a lot here on NONAGON.style; statement wallpaper, statement rugs, statement doors. We’d argue that they’re the key to elevating any space to interior design glory, demonstrating a propensity for daring, taste, and sophistication in their owner – traits which, FYI, all top designers boast in bucketfuls. Alongside walls, floors and doors, we’ve noticed a growing trend of professionals using the humble accent chair to make a memorable splash. Though still an investment piece, an accent chair is typically only a singular (and easily changeable!) item within a room, making it something you can afford to have fun with.

So be bold and choose one that shows off your personality and unique style! To help, we’ve rounded up six quirky chairs for the ultimate statement chair inspo below. But also, don’t forget to follow our Instagram feed to be in the loop with our fave finds!

1. Scooter Chair
Bel & Bel Scooter Vespa Chair from NONAGON.style's quirky chair round up.

In a clever bit of upcyling, Bel & Bel’s quirky creation is made from original parts of the legendary Italian Vespa scooter, with the iconic chassis being used as the back of this creative office chair. In addition to being an insanely cool piece of design, the Scooter Chair is also practical to boot – with a reclining feature, soft tread silent wheels and reinforced internal structure, this is a wise investment for motorheads and non-motorheads alike!

2. Palmistry Chair

Anthropolgie Palmistry Chair inspired by the iconic Hand Chair.

Inspired by Pedro Friedeberg, the Palmistry Chair is a natural teakwood take on his famous sculptural Hand Chair. We love that the chair doubles as a unique art piece – as decorator Kelly Wearstler suggests, it’s “a modern take on classical sculpture”. Mix and match with vintage furniture finds for a boho eclectic vibe.

3. Bike Stool
Bross Bike stool, part of NONAGON.styles quirky chair round up.

Unconventional, a little eccentric, but fabulously stylish, we think this Bross bike stool is an easy way to make a subtle statement at a kitchen breakfast bar. The all leather saddle is an original Brooks beauty complete with accompanying springs. For those cycling fanatics, pair with bike rack wall art for a truly quirky space of your own.

4. Harry
The Harry Rocking Stool, part of NONAGON.style's quirky chair round up.

Bring the outdoors in with the playful ‘Harry’ rocking stool by Maison & Object Asia award winner Kenneth Cobonpue. The microfiber strip cover, reminiscent of luscious green grass, is a fun way of adding a natural accent to a space. We envision this in a garden-themed kids room complete with artificial grass carpet and a dazzling floral wall mural.

5. The Orange Chair
Merel Bekking's Orange Chair experiment for Dezeen founder.

As quirky chairs go, this might just be one of the most controversial. The Orange Chair is actually the product of an experiment by Dutch designer, Merel Bekking, who created the piece specifically for Dezeen founder Marcus Fairs after scanning his brain to establish his subconscious style preferences. The result? Well let’s just say Fairs was less than impressed (in his own words, he took a “violent dislike to it”). The bright shiny orange is quite the retro throwback to be sure, and certainly qualifies the piece as a quirky statement chair. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

6. Souffle Chair
Kelly Wearstler Souffle Chair in Goats Hair, part of the quirky chair round up.

In its spare time, Kelly Wearstler’s Souffle Chair in Goats Hair masquerades as the lost lovechild of The Addams Family’s Cousin Itt, making it a quirky chair no-brainer. With a flamboyant rock n roll edge courtesy of its shiny black fur and gold plated legs, this piece is sure to provide a talking point no matter what the occasion. Be prepared for a love it or hate it reaction from guests – hey, no one said being stylish was easy!

What do you think of statement quirky chairs?

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