Spotted on Instagram – Organized Open Shelves

Who doesn’t love a clean and tidy kitchen? Feast your eyes on these immaculately organized kitchens, and imagine with just a little sprucing up here and there, you too can have a lovely kitchen without all the countertop clutter. One kitchen trend that’s stolen the show thanks to the delicate set designs for cooking shows is, of course, the open shelf.

With so many kitchen accessories and so little space, having clean organized open shelving instantly makes your kitchen look put together. And there’s plenty of inspiration to draw from – here’s a round up of our favorite open shelves styled picture-perfect on Instagram. Read on for some major eye-candy!


Balance is Beautiful

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Having a visually balanced space is the key to making the kitchen look organized, especially by the kitchen sink. We love the symmetry of this kitchen spotted on Cambria Quartz’s gorgeous feed, and the wooden open shelves add the right amount of warmth to the space. Even the items placed on the shelves are perfectly calculated to have equal weight, with neatly stacked plates and canisters arranged by height.

Keep it Leafy

If you’re not yet convinced that plants indoors are great for you, this lovely kitchen might do the trick. Robert and Christina of New Darlings styled their white and wooden combo with fresh greens on both ends of the shelf. We love the way the pop of green frames the natural kitchenware collection, giving the space a cozy vibe.

Who Needs Fridge Magnets?

For homeowners with perpetual wanderlust, Bailey’s kitchen is definitely a showstopper. The wooden serving board is right at the center, bringing a strong focal point to the wall. We love the contrast between the quirky letter display and the neatly arranged tin cans and books, keeping the sense of adventure alive in the kitchen.

Pop of Color

We can’t take our eyes off the powder pink bowls and the pastel blue backsplash, which is why this kitchen deserves a spot in our list. A colorful kitchen adds irresistible charm to the home and we have to give it to Paige Noelle’s kitchen for being on point. The single shelf right where the kitchen backsplash ends creates a beautiful 3D effect and makes the vibrant dishware pop from the walls.

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If you’re not ready to have multiple colors in the kitchen, a bit of blue accessories can do wonders to your space. We love the way Emily combined the bold blue planter with patterned blue bowls as they add a dynamic touch to the walls.

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Kellie’s marble kitchen glistens in white and evokes an air of immaculateness, especially with her white open shelves. We can’t help but be drawn to the printed red serving jug on the top shelf, complemented with the neatly stacked tinted blue plates.

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With millenial pink and rose gold still on trend this season, this kitchen spotted on Sarah Vaughan’s Instagram feed is major kitchen goals. From the books to the pink bowls and the shiny rose gold kettle,  these kitchen accessories go straight into our wishlist for our next shopping haul.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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