Branching Out With Home DIY Ideas

I love long walks in the woods and down to the park, and who doesn’t? For some of us going for those walks mean you come across some beautiful things. Maybe you grew out of the stick collecting phase when you were six, but I have a few DIY ideas here that are going to have your eyes scanning from sky to the ground on your next walk, in the search for your next big home interior inspiration!

These DIY inspirations are fantastic for making good use of those sticks and branches you can’t help but bring home.


heart-design-for-hanging-wall-art-made-from-sticks-on-nonagon-style(image source)

Using one large branch and a few smaller pieces, you can make this hanging decor. The eHow DIY is super simple, and recommends using a template to get the sticks snapped to the right size and shape. Why stop at pink? You could use a variety of ombre shades; pick whatever color accents would best match the room.


diy-idea-for-a-tea-light-candle-holder-using-twigs-diy-inspiration-for-fall-on-nonagon-style(image source)

Okay so for this one you need to find a glass tea light holder, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who has a few of these sitting around at home that would be perfect for this DIY. Use smaller twigs and cut them down to size. Stick them on good and tight with some superglue, and your house is already decorated for fall!


Rustic picture frame - sticks home decor DIY on source)

I mean when it’s so simple it’s advertised as a DIY that kids can do, you know it won’t be hard! Inspiration idea: take a few photos on your walk, maybe you’re going down to the beach or you are on a hike with friends and family. As you collect pieces of twigs and things on the way, you can use those bits and bobs to make this simple frame. Then when it’s ready, you already have the photo to commemorate the experience: that perfect sunset peak photo, or the snapshot of camp-site marshmallow roasting? Either way, it’s a wonderful way to put those memories and moments on show.


Stick this in your home! Teepee DIY light cozy tea light holder - on source)

Such a cute idea! Using different colored yarn you can make your own teepee tea light holder. Perfect for a boho look, but I can certainly see why it might be a bit safer to use battery powered candles for this one! Make your yarn teepee with five sticks of similar length, the size is up to you!


Stick DIY ideas, on

(image source)

So simple but a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. Paint your sticks in whichever colors you love, in whatever design and don’t worry about it going wrong because you can always paint over them again. Show them off in bundles, stacked in a vase (no need for water!), or hang them above your bookshelf. If you prefer to keep it from looking clutter free, use larger branches for a strong focal element.


Stick and branch DIY ideas on source)

Great for a Nordic twist to your house, this stair rail DIY idea is fantastic for bringing in nature permanently into the home. Find a set of hand rail brackets that you like, and a perfectly formed branch. Strip the bark off the branch, and then allow it to dry for a few weeks. Give the whole branch a good sanding to make sure it’s smooth as you ascend and descend the stairwell! For longevity, give it a good coat of oil to keep it conditioned.

Jewelry holder(image source)

What I think is cool about the branch jewelry holder idea is that you can find different shapes and directions that the branch has grown in! You can snap off any extra bits that don’t fit with the style you want, too. It’s great that you can paint wood easily, too, to make sure your DIY is perfect for your bedroom.

Can’t wait to stick these in your home? Let us know which is your favorite DIY, in the comments below! What DIY would you like to see next?