A Sunny Modern Apartment by the Riverbank

Two sisters bought this spacious and sunny apartment in Taiwan, offering beautiful views of the park and overlooking the river nearby. One works in finance who loves to cook and entertain, while the other is a hair stylist fond of traveling. With differing personalities and ideas for the space, the pair sought the help of designers to create the perfect modern contemporary home to share. The result is a dream, allowing for plenty of sunlight and quirky details.

An elegant black marble counter greets you as you enter the apartment. Immediately you’ll feel the bright, open atmosphere of the home, thanks to the subtle storage spaces left and right to help keep clutter hidden from sight.

The living room is set by large windows that flood the room with sunlight during the day, giving the home a warm glow. As both sisters lead busy lives, they wanted a living room that was easy to maintain, yet comfortable enough for them to unwind at the end of the day.

Notice the use of mirrors and reflective surfaces that spread light across the living room, making it feel more spacious. Even the tiled floor creates a seamless connection with the wall and ceiling, which creates a feeling of cohesion.

The home is a blend of neutral tones, with wooden fittings and gray details. We love the L-shaped sofa contrasting with pops of blue and white. Even the bright yellow print of the rug complements the blue cushions and offers an eye-catching focal point in the living room.

To give the living room a greater sense of privacy, the designers opted for a recessed ceiling. Not only does it add height to the room and opens it up, it also lengthens the walls. Minimalist storage systems are abundant in the home as well, installed next to the television for storing a collection of CDs, wires and other gadgets.

Here, indoor plants were placed against the white backdrop as a lovely accent piece, keeping the atmosphere inviting.

The younger sister preferred a living room that was easy to clean, which makes this modern side table a perfect piece. The cantilevered structure offers plenty of room with still enough surface area for serving light snacks.

The dining area mirrors the same marble counter by the entrance, yet also gives the area more privacy by dividing the space from the rest of the home.

With a white and wooden dining set, the room feels light and refreshing. We like the two-toned mid-century modern chairs that add a nice gradient to the bright wooden cabinets.

From the dining room, you can even see guests enter through the one-way mirror installed in the corner.

A tinted glass screen separates the dining room from the kitchen, yet still keeps it accessible when left open. The older sister enjoys cooking during her spare time so she was delighted with the kitchen design.

The kitchen is designed to be minimal so as not to crowd the space. The rectangular kitchen island offers plenty of counter space to work on, a major feat for a small kitchen.

The bedroom features two beds in a cool blue finish. To keep the lines smooth, the curtains cleverly hang from hidden curtain tracks throughout the home.

In contrast with the rest of the home, wooden floors were used in the bedroom to add a sense of warmth and familiarity. We love the gradient bedside drawers that offer a point of interest in between the two beds. The apartment is the right for the sisters, who love their new space. While dividing spaces with walls could make a house feel smaller, this apartment uses soft secret lines and plenty of mirrors to make the illusion of a greater space.

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Project: Sunshine Home

Design: HOZO Interior Design

Photos: HOZO  Interior Design