Taiwan Home Follows Feng Shui for Flow and Harmony

Home tour Taiwan feng shui principles

This family home in Taiwan is sophisticated and modern, designed with the principles of feng shui in mind. It incorporates beautiful design trends like wooden fittings, dark walls and marbled floors. The sleek interiors blend textures and elements wonderfully.

Feng shui is the practice of arranging or designing the position of furniture, rooms and different parts of the home or office in a way that creates harmony and brings good fortune to those living in it. Because of the family’s strong belief in feng shui, the designers had to make sure the home was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also met the feng shui precepts that welcome wealth and prosperity for the family.

Feng Shui principles say an entrance should not open to a window

Walk through the front door of the home, and you immediately see a visually stunning bookshelf, drawing in streams of light from the windows. The reflections in the polished floor are magnificent.

Feng shui inspired bookshelf in taiwan apartment

According to feng shui, if the front door directly faces a window or a door, it is believed that wealth and health will flow out instead of staying inside the home. The installation of this intricate bookshelf was meant to serve as a barrier between the wide windows of the living room and the front door. This way, wealth would stay in and the wall would offer the family plenty of storage. It’s a brilliant idea to leave gaps in between the shelves, which keep the entryway area bright and refreshing.

Leather hanging lighting system above dining table - Taiwan Xie Residence

Leather and metal light fittings for dining table - Taiwan Xie Residence

The dining room features a wooden table with a beautiful light finish. It mimics the fittings that surround the wooden screens, closing off the kitchen area. Making the space feel particularly bright, the wood’s natural shade provide a nice contrast to the dark wall.

Metal and leather light fittings dining room table - Taiwan Xie Residence

Gold pendant lights hang elegantly on leather straps from the ceiling, adding warmth to the dining area. It’s a unique way to incorporate leather into your home decor and the texture complements the coolness of the metal lights.

Black, wood and gold residence in Taiwan - family home

Living room with polished black floor, bookcase and contemporary dining room

Notice the recessed ceiling, defining the area and giving it a coziness. The dining room opens toward the living room, which means the rooms are all quite accessible and make it easy to move around the home. We love the way the black marble tiles reflect daylight into the dining area and connect the main areas of the residence.

Sleek mini bar dining room island - Taiwan apartment

Black and white kitchen island and mini bar - dining room

One of the family’s favorite features of their new home is the white mini bar which extends from the dining table. They enjoy their time here together, allowing for easy food preparations or storing bottles of champagne.

Sleek kitchen fittings, modern contemporary home in Taiwan

Through the acrylic dividers, the corridor leads you through the galley kitchen. The monochromatic palette is flawless, glistening from the natural light that grazes it.

Apartment galley kitchen - black and white - Taiwan

Dining room area open plan living room - Taiwan contemporary family apartment

Warm touches in dark sophisticated living room space

There are delicate touches of gold that warm up the house, and reflect from the polished surfaces.

Marble TV room and living room area - Taiwan apartment

Marbled patterns make a beautiful backdrop behind the television. It retains a geometric quality. The television appears to be floating above the horizontal stand, which spans across the wall.

Marble wallpaper or tiles? Concealed doorway in the open plan living room

Observe closely and you’ll see there is a hidden door that leads you to one of the bedrooms.

Marble wallpaper, wood partition and metal. Scandinavian palette with feng shui design princples. Taiwan home tour

Bookshelf and concealed doorway

What appears to just be a wooden bookshelf also holds surprises. Hidden but within reach, the bathroom is easily available from the living room and dining room.

Open plan living room dining room, contemporary apartment design 2017

Living room and dining room area in Taiwan apartment with feng shui principles

Concealed door way to the bedroom

The minimalist shelf above the sofa is nice catch. When lit, it gives off an impressive living room backdrop with a futuristic vibe.

Curved walls, bedroom and home office ideas. Custom headboard and hidden wardrobe

The bedroom is strategically designed to be spacious. The bedhead is lowered and also serves as a divider between the home office and the bed space. On the right of the custom headboard, a lowered shelf provides the home owners with a functional bedside storage, great for placing books and magazines they’ll read right before bedtime.

Home office organization

Home office storage with built in lighting

The custom headboard doesn’t only divide the open plan bedroom, it also offers a space for a book collection. The home office is truly a haven for book lovers, with an iron bookshelf built across the wall. The bookshelf has a LED linear light built in that could be used as a nightlight for burning the midnight oil.

Home office storage and organization - Taiwan apartment Xie Residence

Book shelf storage and organization for home office and open plan bedroom arrangement

Feng shui also encourages having plants in the house to help draw natural energy. Small planters scattered around the home in unlikely areas, allowing energy to circulate.

Paneled wardrobe in the bedroom

Minimalist wardrobe with textured panels and dark color palette

Minimalist principles are well reflected in the residence, through the uniform closet doors and vanity area. The space looks clear and uncluttered but still retains a personality of its own.

Wardrobe and open plan bedroom

Marble bathroom modern contemporary taiwan

The marbled bathroom is strikingly radiant. From the dark interiors of the main areas of the home, walking into the bathroom is a refreshing experience ideal for waking up and feeling upbeat in the morning.

Taiwan bathroom - Xie Residence

Stone textures in bathroom - Taiwan apartment

Stone textures, contemporary bathroom Taiwan

The guest bathroom, on the other hand, exudes ashy gray-tones with wooden textures. It boasts a more subdued and brooding atmosphere when compared with the marbled bathroom. The lights and details are well-placed, showing the delicateness of the house. The texture of the walls are perfect for some dramatic lighting.

Light and dark playful arrangement bathroom in Taiwan - Xie Residence

Contemporary bathroom design ideas

Stunning living room apartment with balcony - Taiwan

The Taiwan residence truly is a masterpiece. Being able to balance modern visual principles with feng shui was no easy task, but the designers were able to pull it off flawlessly. Successfully placing furniture where it ensures overall harmony was important, and one can see that everything is where it is meant to be.

Do you follow feng shui principles? What do you think of this home? We’d love to know what you think in the comments below!

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Project: Xie Residence

Design: LCGA Design/ Gina Chiu & Circle Huang

Photos: Hey! Cheese

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