Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Home

There are a range of smart and beautiful light designs out there. More and more energy efficient ways to light up your home have come onto the market, and lighting is a great way to add an element of something special to a room. Here’s a pick of my recent favorites. To make the list, the designs had to be clever and beautiful.

Splyt lights, adjustable chandelier on

These lights look a lot like a tree branch, with the buds opening up to bloom into daylight – super pretty. Each piece of the Splyt light is designed to interlock with another one so you can alter the shape of your fitting using the extenders and bulbs. The finished piece can be wall mounted, or hung upside down as a fixture. I think it also looks great as a table lamp, and reminds me of glowing coral lighting up the darkness.


Louis Poulsen Patera lamp on

If these lampshades remind you of the spirals and patterns of pine cones and shells, there is good reason. The design is based on the Fibonacci Sequence, a mathematical arrangement of numbers that often appears throughout nature and is simply gorgeous. The large globe chandelier uses that golden spiral shape to reflect the light away at different angles. Designed by Louis Poulsen.


Nanoleaf aurora lamp, on NONAGON.stye

Siri can assist you in all sorts, including your lighting. This set of triangular LED wall panels can be rearranged to suit your personal tastes, and through your smartphone you are able to change the color of each module. It looks stunning, and is created by lighting company Nanoleaf. Their collection is a series of eye-catching geometric shapes that incorporate energy-saving LEDs, shaking up the typical look of a light bulb. Aurora is in production, expected to be released later this year.


Blackboard lamp design, on

There are many fun uses of chalkboard paint. We particularly like the way it has been incorporated into these MATT LAVAGNA design lampshades by In-Es Art Design. You can draw your own patterns with chalk on the lampshades to match the room! It could be used for leaving messages, reminders, or your monthly motivational quotes. They’re chic, with a neat and clean design, but the chalk element is fun, and a great idea for a family home.


Notti Mood light, on

WITTI lights are another sync-to-your-phone-for-fun lighting system. You can control the colors to suit your mood, but for even more excitement it can change to let you know if you have received notifications on your phone. The DOTTI range allows you to make your own pixel pictures and designate icons for different app notifications.

With lighting technology changing and LEDs becoming more common, we look forward to seeing more great lighting designs coming out in the future. Which ones spark your interest?