These Are the Top Five Things You Have to See at IDFFHK 2017

IDFFHK 2017 |

Back for a second round of contemporary design showcases, captivating exhibitions and thought-provoking talks, this weekend sees the return of the highly anticipated IDFFHK, taking place in Asia’s unofficial design hub, Hong Kong. Themed ‘Redefining Luxury’, expect style and glamour aplenty (alongside a chandelier, or three).

The team were lucky enough to have exclusive access to the boutique design fair before it opens to the public today. Here’s a look at our top five must see exhibits.

City of Towers – Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid's City of Towers as shown at IDFFHK 2017 |

Zaha Hadid was a notable supporter of IDFFHK’s inaugural event back in 2015, so it’s touching that Hadid’s City of Towers is one of the first exhibitions you see when you step into the hall, taking pride of place front and center of the fair. The installation itself outlines the evolution of architectural research in the construction of a high-rise building. Each statue represents the many possibilities and iterations of a tower, illustrating in sculptural form the architectural design process. It’s a fascinating insight into the working mind of an architect.


Chandeliers from Saint-Louis' IDFFHK 2017 showcase |

Chandeliers from Saint-Louis' IDFFHK 2017 showcase |

Of the many breathtaking lighting showcases at IDFFHK, Saint-Louis caught our eye for its ingenious use of technology. Though the 431 year old company sticks to its traditional mouth-blown, hand-crafting techniques for production, on the client-side they’ve opted for a 21st century upgrade with the introduction of a digital app that allows for total customization of their iconic chandeliers. Make sure to check out their virtual reality station for an up close and personal tour of their Lorraine factory headquarters. This showcase is the epitome of tradition meets technology done right.

Das Haus Asia – William Lim

Das Haus Asia by William Lim as shown at IDFFHK 2017 |

Das Haus Asia by William Lim as shown at IDFFHK 2017 |

Inspired by IMM Cologne’s “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage”, William Lim’s Das Haus Asia stands as a creative solution to Hong Kong’s housing problem. Notorious for soaring land and construction prices, the rise of Nano dwelling in the Asian city got Lim to thinking how one can make the most of a small living space. The result is a simulated apartment with a floor area of 18m², on show for the first time at IDFFHK. The so-called living capsule feels surprisingly spacious; by looking at the area as a three-dimensional space rather than a flat surface, Lim was able to use different levels to equip the model house with two bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom. This one’s a must see for anyone obsessed with the tiny house craze.


Dining table and cow bell lights from Seventhirtyam as featured at IDFFHK 2017 |

At first glance, Seventhirtyam’s showcase appears out of place in a fair centered upon luxury. Featuring modern and minimalist design pieces from contemporary European brands, it’s a far cry from the ostentatious glamour featured by Baccarat or Saint-Louis. Yet Seventhirtyam’s focus on promoting brands that utilize honest materials and quality craftsmanship hint at a redefinition of luxury – a definition that favors quality and simplicity – making it absolutely fitting for this year’s IDFFHK.

Mr Chan Tearoom – Alan Chan

Wooden bench from Alan Chan's Silkroad furniture line as shown at IDFFHK 2017 |

Designed by noted Hong Kong designer, Alan Chan, this handsome handcrafted walnut bench is part of a concept design of a traditional tea house. Inspired by the 17th century Victorian courting bench, this sculptural piece is adorned with Asian ‘bamboo’ aesthetics and comes as part of his ‘Silkroad’ furniture collection. The exhibition as a whole is worth a look for its interesting (read modern) take on the familiar ‘East meets West’ aesthetic.

If you fancy a weekend of design fun make sure to head to IDFFHK – tickets are still available here! Share with us your favorite exhibitions and showcases from the weekend by leaving us a comment below.

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