Tour a Cozy Scandinavian-Inspired Home Complete with Teepee!

When your design brief expressly calls for the creation of a “cozy warm home” that is “always open to guests”, a color palette of frigid cool-toned grays and impassive white is perhaps not the first thing to come to mind. Yet in designing the ‘Friendly House’ for Ukrainian based couple, Volodymyr and Olena, this is exactly the theme that was adopted by the Leopolis Architecture Group. The result? Well let’s take a look.

Scandinavian minimalist kitchen with wood accents and chalkboard wall.

Scandinavian minimalist kitchen with wood accents and chalkboard wall.

Stepping into designs for the heart of the home – the open plan kitchen, dining and living area – it is surprising to see how an interior dominated by gray and white can feel so warm and welcoming. The stunning glass fireplace certainly helps in this respect, as do the natural wood accents and cleverly-placed lighting fixtures. In this room, we particularly love the mix of textures on display – from the exposed brick and chalk board walls, to the glass lamp details and aforementioned wood notes; it all helps to add character and interest to the decidedly Scandinavian-inspired minimalist aesthetic.

Scandinavian minimalist games room with hanging wood pendant lights and gallery wall.

Scandinavian minimalist games room with colorful bean bag accent.

A games room or snug is the perfect setting for a casual gathering of friends and family. In this one, a variety of complementary tonal grays intermixed with black and white accents create a sophisticated backdrop for the less refined Xbox gaming station. To ensure that the monotony of the color scheme doesn’t reflect in the general vibe of the room, whimsical accents such as the hanging pendant lights, the movie-inspired gallery wall and colorful bean bag invite guests to relax and play.

Scandinavian minimalist cozy home office with exposed brick wall and L shaped couch.

With Olena currently completing a PhD thesis and Volodymyr occasionally working from home, a comfortable and spacious office was essential for the couple’s new home. Here, the same gray and white color palette is utilized once more, though in contrast to the games room, this space benefits from the use of softer powder grays and an abundance of natural and artificial light. As a result, the neutral color scheme this time works to create a calm and serene ambiance conducive to productivity.

Geometric minimalist angular bookshelf with tealight details.

The striking angular bookshelf is undoubtedly the feature of the office. We love the exaggeration of its shape through the painted wall design which makes for a cohesive overall look. The tealights are a nice hygge touch that help to bring some of that all important coziness and warmth to a typically more serious space.

Stunning spa-like bathroom with white tiles and wood accents.

Stunning minimalist bathroom with white tiles and wood accents.

How about this for #bathroomgoals? Snow white tiles meet warm toned woods to create a spa-like retreat from the world. The large oval bath is a cool alternative to the classic clawfoot for those minimalists who crave a relaxing soak in the tub.

Scandinavian kids bedroom with hanging fairy lights and teepee tent.

Scandinavian kids bedroom with gray and white mural wall and wood accents.

According to color psychology, gray is best avoided in the bedrooms and nurseries of infants and children because of its tendency to dull and drain; but after seeing this sweet kids room we simply have to disagree. Maybe it’s the fanciful use of gray to create the illusion of snowy mountains, or the addition of a gray-tinged teepee tent which makes us dream of camping adventures in the wild; in this youthful space, gray helps to inspire the imagination. Although the couple don’t yet have kids, the timelessness of this minimalist design ensures that whenever the occasion may arise, the room will still look effortlessly modern.

Overall, although gray has been dubbed “the drabbest color in the palette”, this cozy ‘Friendly Home’ is anything but. A lesson in archetype Scandinavian design, we can’t imagine a cozier space we’d like to call home!

Project: Friendly House

Design: Leopolis Architecture Group

Photos: Leopolis Architecture Group

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