Toys and Tech for the Toddler’s Room

Raising a toddler can be both tiring and plenty of fun, especially when you see how much they are learning every day. From first steps to first words, relish their victories as they explore the world one day at a time.

With smartphones and technology becoming a daily addiction, it’s good to know there are toys and gadgets that don’t just hook your kids onto screens for hours on end. In this feature, we’ve rounded up our top 5 picks for toys tech for your toddler’s room.


Keeping Little Hands Busy

Whether those tiny hands enjoy pulling the doorknob or flipping the light switch, MURO allows you to build an educational activity board for your toddler to play around with. You can fully customize your activity board from a range of over 30 toys. You’ve got your gears, string pulls, handles and latches all in one compact busy board.


Turn Block Play Upside Down

On its way to becoming the best toy invention this year, Nimuno Loops lets your slightly older kids create their own Lego universe in their own room. Compatible with most toy blocks on the market (such as Lego), the flexible tape comes in different colors to match the rainbow. Read up on our interview with co-designer Anine Kirsten.


Enjoy a Playful Sing-Along


We’ve come a long way from portable CD players, with Jooki being our top gadget pick for young children who enjoy listening to music. In addition to being a wireless WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled speaker, Jooki also comes with a set of colorful figurines that can play songs or stories when placed on the Jooki controls. Made to be spill-proof, it’s perfect even if things get a bit messy.


Child-Proof Those Doors

It’s hard to keep your eyes on toddlers who like to wander around the house, so it’s a good idea to have a gadget that gives you a heads up whenever your tiny tots leave their room. Enter Decco, a motion sensor device that hangs on the door knob and notifies you through the smartphone whenever the kids are exploring the corridor.


Sleep Tight with a Night Light

Say goodnight with the multi-functional Suzy Snooze bedside lamp and baby monitor. Suzy Snooze can play four different music and light compositions perfect for bedtime. Should your baby wake up in the middle of the night, its cry sensors will notify you when your baby starts crying and adjusts its light to soothe your baby back to sleep. Well, it’s worth a shot!


Bring Out the Popcorn

Turn the walls of your home into your very own home theater with the Cinemood – a mini cinema projector fit for the family. With a pre-loaded library of cartoons and digital books, your kids will have a lot of fun watching their adventures come alive at home. You’ll be tempted to carry the Cinemood with you wherever you go because of its fuzz-free compact size.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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