Is this the Ultimate Urban Man Cave?

Every boy dreams of having his own place, where they can hang out with friends and relax. That’s why when this South African family decided to convert their unused lounge area into a private pad for their teenage son, they wanted to go all out. They sought the help of designers who could create a trendy space that reflects their son’s love for sports, combined with an industrial-inspired aesthetic. Located in Cape Town, this multi-functional space brings to life the young boy’s passion for skating, surfing and socializing.

There are plenty of striking features to notice at first glance, but what caught our eye the most is the life-size timber wave that arcs over the lounge area. The wave represents surfing, and was created using a steel structure clad with wooden planks. LED strips were built in to provide plenty of light, while still keeping the entire structure modern and upbeat.

To add more function to the room, a comfortable booth seating on one end of the wave is padded in blue upholstery to provide an inviting nook perfect for hanging out.

The blue and white chevron rug complements the nook, reminiscent of the crashing ocean waves. Even the yellow ottomans remind me of surfboards cruising through the sea.

The giant wooden wave offers a sense of privacy, while the flat screen TV is topped off with the latest surround sound system to complete the dynamic home theater experience.

A navy blue, black and gray color palette was used for the room, to create a warm and inviting ambiance without making the lounge feel heavy or dark. Black and navy blue emphasize the room’s masculine traits, while gray and off-white were essential to bring in more natural light despite minimal windows.

What would you hang on the walls of this downstairs grotto? Rather than posters hung with blue tac, the photo installation on the wall is colorful and allows for this room to still fit the needs for this teen, while he grows up. Filled with hints of outdoor adventure and stunning surfing moves, it’s fun and familiar too.

The fantastic home theater zone is one of many of the favorite features in the space. Scattered around, you will also find a pool table, and a vintage pinball machine ready to entertain guests. One can only imagine how competitive the atmosphere can get with all these extra elements. The room is also a haven for fitness lovers, with its home gym; a punching bag and a pull up bar is visible for when you need to get active.

Throughout the space, industrial track lighting is installed to help contribute to the room’s urban vibe.  Industrial track lighting is installed throughout the space, while on trend caged pendant lights hang close to the bar.

Convinced yet that this is the ultimate place for teenage fun cave? Built into the design of the lounge is this skate bowl and ramp. Consistent with the design scheme, concrete was used to build a fully functional skate bowl matching with light gray walls to contrast the darker color palettes in the rest of the area.

Take a closer look behind the bar and you’ll see a surfboard rack and storage. It cleverly displays the seventeen-year-old’s prized surfboards that regularly remind him of the waves. Equipped with a black fridge, the bar area features a black stylish geometric backdrop and a concrete bar that blends in seamlessly with the flooring.

It certainly wasn’t easy to build this impressive structure. As the skate bowl requires a recess, the designers had to come up with a solution that ensured the structure would be able to support the entire framework. With their success, the skate bowl is not only fully functional but also one of the boy’s favorite areas of the room.

The murals serve as the perfect backdrop to the concrete skate bowl. Hand-drawn illustrations by emerging South African street artist Jack Fox, the murals were inspired by street art found in well-known Southbank skate park along the River Thames in London. Jack Fox completed the design over a non-stop 12-hour period, successfully completing a remarkable work of art.

Conveniently, a skateboard rack was installed near the skate bowl. Colorful designs are featured on the skateboard decks and make for stunning wall decor as well.

There’s no denying how cool this industrial pad is, making it the perfect hangout spot to chill after school and on the weekends. With a bar, a skate bowl, and a state of the art home theater, we reckon this is pretty ultimate!

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Project: Urban Man Cave

Designer: Inhouse Brand Architects

Photography: Riaan West