Unique Kids Tableware to Make Mealtime Fun

All mommies and daddies know the drill – meal times can get messy and chaotic. It takes a lot of effort to keep kids seated at the dining area long enough to finish their food, while making sure food stays where it belongs. While we can’t promise to serve the little ones their favorite dish each time, we can make sure they’ll look forward to their meals by treating them to unique tableware that keeps things fun.

In this feature, we’ve rounded up our top picks for colorful and adorable kids tableware.


Fun and Fancy Plates


Forget having to keep up with the kids’ ever-changing favorite cartoon characters. Monpote’s safari kids plate and dinner time plate will remain classic favorites throughout their formative years. The safari kids plate features plenty of animal prints in all colors of the rainbow. They’ll be telling you stories about Mr. Crocodile as they take a big bite of their breakfast platter.

Reading time aloud from the wall clock is always a big achievement for kids who grow up with a digital watch which makes the educational dinner time plate a definite must have. Whether you’re serving bread sticks, or celery sticks, you’ll be sure they’ll always pay attention to the numbers around the plate.


Creative Chalkboard Placemats

Learning how to use chalk and crayons are key to honing our children’s creativity, but they also bring about plenty of surprises around the house. Never worry about your exquisite table covers anymore with these Chalkboard placemats by Little Mashers. Simply place them on the table and your kids are free to let their creative juices flow. These placemats are paper savers too, as you can throw them in the laundry for a spin and reuse them as many times as you want.


The Placemat Adventure

There’s plenty of time for adventures in the dining area with these placemats. Designed by Oyoy, The World placemat showcases friendly illustrations of continents and animals. The silicon material makes it easy to clean and the punched circle lets you conveniently hang it on hooks for storage. What’s more is that with every purchase of the placemat, Oyoy donates to the WWF to help save the Polar Bears. Talk about exciting adventures!


Bright Singing Robins

Ana Moly designs adorable double handled mugs for kids in white ceramic with bright pops of color. This particular mug features a yellow interior and double handles making it easy to pick up with little hands. A peek inside the mug reveals a perfect pair of robins that will keep your kids enjoying meal times.


Porcelain Pandas

Say hello to this charming panda ceramic bowl and mug set by Wee Gallery! Instantly recognizable when placed on kitchen shelves, kids will be hurrying to get their breakfast cereal and drink served in this eye-catching set. Modern and simplistic, this ceramic set will easily find its home in your kitchen collection.


Daring Dinosaurs

The Little Boys Room has the fiercest dinosaurs fit for the table with their dinosaur mug and matching egg cup set. Kids will always have a reason to finish their warm cup of milk, if only to catch a glimpse of the daring dinosaurs. It comes in a delicate mint green, a zesty orange and a classic white, each with its own unique dinosaur.

Their matching egg cup set is a fun accessory for the dining table as every growing kid needs their dose of nutritious eggs. Whether you choose a T-Rex, a Triceratops or a Diplodocus, these funky dinosaur egg cups are a delightful sight that can brighten up anyone’s day.

In what ways do you keep meal times entertaining and fun for your kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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