9 Easy DIYs for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Decor

Make your Valentine's Day extra special with these simple DIYs, featured on NONAGON.style

Love is in the air!

There are giant hearts in the shopping malls, romantic dinner dates planned, and decadent chocolates and bouquets everywhere. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it already feels like we are looking at the world through rose tinted glasses. While you are busy picking out your best outfit and that perfect present to show your special someone how much you love them, we have got you covered on the home decoration front.

Here are a few easy DIYs for big hearts on V-Day.

Heart Marquee

Heart marquee lights for Valentine's Day, featured on NONAGON.style

Make your heart glow with this easy DIY marquee by Poofy Cheeks. Perfect for the mantelpiece or side table mixed up with tchotchke or on its own as minimal decor. If you can’t find a heart shaped box, just use a regular one and place the lights in the shape of a heart in the middle. The best part is that this glowing heart will still look chic once Valentine’s Day is over.

Heart marquee lights for Valentine's Day, featured on NONAGON.style


How to Spell L-O-V-E

Cute vases DIY for Valentine's Day home decor, featured on NONAGON.style

Simple and classy, these vases are a minimalist’s dream decor for Valentine’s Day. Transform plain vases into these cute romantic ones with an easy guide by Martha Stewart. Use your favorite colors and spell out the words that show off your love. The vases can be used throughout the year around your house. They will still look adorable and remind you of the love that you share with your partner and family.


Candy Filled Hearts

Mason jar DIY decor for Valentine's Day, featured on NONAGON.style

Aren’t these pretty! Every DIY junkie worth his salt knows how versatile mason jars are. Use them this Valentine’s Day to make these candy filled treat jars. They will add a sweet touch to your decor. This can also be a fun DIY to do with the kids. They will love the idea of fun and candy wrapped up into one. These jars will also make great presents for your friends and loved ones.


Love Letters

DIY love notes for Valentine's Day, featured on NONAGON.style

These are so nostalgic. Remember the days when people used to write actual letters to their loved ones? These craftily folded letters from Assemble add a throwback vibe to the day of love and a fun reminder of being back in junior high. Slip a note to your partner and let them know you’re still crushing on them.


Heart Art

Simple wall decor with paper hearts DIY for Valentine's Day, featured on NONAGON.style

Planning a special night at home? Hearts set the mood for casual romantic decor on a budget. They’ll also make a beautiful backdrop for taking pictures at a V-Day themed party. They are quick to make, thanks to this DIY by How About Orange and you can stick them on the walls. Easy and hassle-free.

Simple wall decor with paper hearts DIY for Valentine's Day, featured on NONAGON.style


Geometric Heart

Simple geometric heart wall decor DIY for Valentine's Day, featured on NONAGON.style

Speaking of hassle-free decor, Oleander and Palm’s statement geometric heart will surely be a hit with the minimalists. This modern edgy heart could be readily welcomed for more than just Valentine’s Day. Let it be a feature in your home, dress up the walls or hang it above the headboard in your bedroom.


Red Ruffle Wreath

DIY wreath for Valentine's Day, featured on NONAGON.style

Celebrate the day of love with a stunning wreath to decorate your home. Wreaths add a festive note to all kinds of celebrations. This gorgeous wreath looks like it was made out of the most exquisite roses, but it’s actually plain old felt. Isn’t that amazing! Why not give it a go?


Crayon Hearts

Crayon hearts DIY for Valentine's Day decor, featured on NONAGON.style

Some waxed paper, some crayons and a little bit of creativity, and you have these translucent hearts. Hang them on your window to let light through and it will fill your room with crimson hues. These dreamy hearts will make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Here is how you can make them at home.


XOXO Tic-Tac-Toe

Valentine's Day party decor tic tac toe, featured on NONAGON.style

Throwing a Valentine’s Day party? We all love to take pictures with friends and this giant tic-tac-toe will make the best photo booth ever! All you need is some washi tape and giant X and O balloons. Don’t worry that your walls are not pink. It will look just as good on any wall. Pick out washi tape in contrast colors to make them really stand out.

What are your plans for this Valentine’s Day? Share with us your thoughts and questions on these DIYs.