7 Gorgeous Vases for Valentine’s Day

What is your favorite way to display flowers? Yes Valentine’s Day is upon us, and the spring flowers are blossoming, but really any time is a great time to pick up a bunch of flowers and display them in your home. They really put a smile on your face!

Here are seven of our favorite vases and containers that look just as stunning as the flowers.

Maison Sarah Lavoine - Vases for stunning bouquets (on NONAGON.style)

Bold and beautiful, these large vases from Maison Sarah Lavoine are a treat. They look especially striking with happy sunflowers to brighten up the morning.


Studio Twocan - Vases for stunning bouquets (on NONAGON.style)

The designers and artists behind Studio Twocan take their inspiration from the Australian landscape. As well as vases, pots and dishes they have a host of compelling framed prints with broad sweeping textures and colors.


diiis - Vases for stunning bouquets (on NONAGON.style)

Swiss design brand diiis have vases that are delicate yet robust in their convex personalities. There are hidden mirrors inside the vases which kind of make them look either longer or shorter than they really are. Playful and creative, suitable for a small bunch of flowers or stems going solo.


Kodanska - Vases for stunning bouquets (on NONAGON.style)

Stout and stately with a slight smile, these vases are designed by ceramicist Ema Mamisu and stocked by Danish brand Kodanska. Set against their neutral charcoal or cream colors, any Valentine’s Day bouquet would certainly pop!


Maybe not a vase you could stick a bouquet into, but we had to give a shout out to Elise Mclauchlan for these intricate wood turned sticks. The geometric shapes are certainly a treat, and they’d look really tropical with a palm leaf or two tucked inside.

Playful and endearing, strike a balance between the sublime and the industrial with these Lok Glasses vases from Hong Kong based Glue Associates.


Gwyneth Hulse - Vases for stunning bouquets (on NONAGON.style)New Zealand artist Gwyneth Hulse uses Kauri wood. What’s fascinating about Kauri is that it’s a native tree to the country, one of the largest and longest-living trees in the world. Their long trunks were often carved and used by the Maori for canoes. The wood grain is unique and has a gorgeous shine to it. A glass tube on the inside of the vase helps to protect the wood while being able to display your roses.

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