Striking Floor Creates Flow and Unity in This 1930s Apartment

The striking parquet hardwood floor in this apartment is not to be missed. In fact, the floor was one of the starting points for this home renovation, as the patterns and shapes on the floor were continuous and stretched all the way through the apartment. Seeing this cohesive flow helped the home owners to decide that their space should ideally be unifying and cohesive for cozy family life.

Before the renovation process: round arch to be opened up into square

Lisbon apartment for a family, completely remodeled (home tour on

Lisbon apartment for a family, completely remodeled (home tour on

The apartment was quite a long one, stretching across 33 meters by 7 meters, with street-facing windows for the living room area. There are three distinct rooms here at the front of the home, with windows and balcony doors that open up to the outside. One of the walls was widened to create greater harmony between the three rooms, however they still maintain some privacy between each zone.

Living room area before renovation (home tour on

Lisbon apartment for a family, completely remodeled (home tour on

1930s Lisbon family apartment with incredible floor detailing, completely remodeled (home tour on

I love to see the transformation, from seeing the room taking shape, uncovering the magnificent flooring, and seeing the furniture placed. The three areas are mapped out on the floor with lighter wood, and different kinds of furniture settings allow for hanging out with friends, or the family, or entirely solitary. The home owners have different occupations, one as a doctor and her partner in business. It was important to be able to create spaces for conducting their own work, within this shared family space. I think the slightly lowered ceiling and the walls that divide the rooms partially help with this.

Apartment renovation sees plenty of open plan living room and lots of light

Living room in Lisbon, three spaces that flow together

If you’re looking to create a living room that doesn’t point towards the TV, this house has three separate living areas that show you how cozy a space can be without the black box as a focal point. The sofa and coffee table point inwards to the center, while the middle room has a group space, and lastly the third room has a desk and bookshelves for more studious activities.

Before renovation - view to corridor/entry

Apartment before putting in furniture - incredible hardwood floor, with checkerboard pattern wood detailing

Family apartment in Portugal (home tour on

During renovation, this corridor went a complete overhaul

The corridor was long and drab, covered in tiles that no longer matched contemporary tastes. Where there was previously a room by the entrance, this has been blocked off to form part of the master bedroom.

Entrance area in this apartment given a lick of paint and new flooring

Corridor before and after - Lisbon apartment home tour

The long corridor stretches all the way through the apartment, but it has now been given a bench all the way along, making the space quite useful and providing a place for different lighting elements.

Bench seating in the corridor of this apartment

Corridor view of this Lisbon apartment (home tour on

Marble countertops in galley kitchen (home tour on

The kitchen is located at the far end of the apartment, refitted with modern gadgets and given a facelift.

Galley kitchen with plenty of light thanks to balcony

The kitchen looks out over the apartment courtyard in the back, and even has a back door. It becomes a social place for the neighboring children to pop by to play.

Dining room and intricate wood patterned floor (home tour on

Moving straight through from the kitchen to the dining table, and dinner is served!

Dining room with veranda balcony area (Lisbon 1930s apartment)

One of the exciting new features of the home is the veranda area that was added to the house. Whereas it was previously a room, it has been closed off and filled with plants, for a balcony outdoor area.

Veranda area created in this 1930s apartment

Decorative hardwood parquet floor (home tour on

Console and table custom designed for this apartment

One of the most interesting parts for design firm Aboim Inglez Arquitetos, was the relationship and conversation with the home owners.

It is very pleasing to visit our clients over dinner and watch the neighboring children circulate through the house, from the inner courtyard to the living rooms. One senses that the conditions have been created for life to take place in.

Many of the decisions were jointly worked out between the team and the homeowners, such as deciding to cut down on the number of doors being used to allow the rooms to blend together.

Incredibly detailed hardwood parquet floor

Dining room and corridor entry (home tour on

Corridor with long bench added

While one of the main goals was to preserve connection and fluidity between all areas of the home, it can be hard when the space is so long! But the corridor maintains the flavors and essence of the home with its wooden tiles and white walls.

Study area in this Lisbon family apartment

Wardrobe area for master bedroom

While the living areas face on to the street or the back communal courtyard, the bedrooms are in the middle where it is quieter at night. The master bedroom was two different areas joined together. It gives the parents a place to relax, with a wardrobe area leading through to the bathroom.

Master bedroom with separate areas for dressing and sleeping

Master bathroom before and after (home tour on

What a turn around from the old ceramic outdated tiles, to this new shape. Both bathrooms back on to one another although they are not connected. The length and shape of the bathrooms have not been altered, although the one attached to the master bedroom has a different entry point.

Bathroom before photos - underwent complete transformation

Master bathroom (Libson 1930s apartment home tour on

Bathroom with marble counter tops

Lisbon family apartment home tour (on

Family bathroom renovation (home tour on

The second bathroom is much the same! It opens onto the corridor so it can be used by the children, as well as for guests.

Family living room and entertainment areas (home tour on

With such a striking floor it could be easy to overwhelm with too much furniture and decor. The simple clean look of the molding and minimal furniture is enough. The defined walls and shifting parameters help to frame the rooms beautifully. The home owners love every part of it, from being able to see the whole house all as one unit, and even being able to share it with their children and their friends. It helps to create that happy cozy family home that they were looking for.

Night time in Lisbon - family apartment home tour


Project: Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca

Design: Aboim Inglez Arquitetos

Photos: Ricardo Gonçalves