Trends 2017: Were the Predictions Correct?

What were the 2017 home decor design trends, and have we seen them come to pass?

Trends come and go. While clothes can be shopped and then dropped easily, home trends have a slightly more lasting and slower shifts, given the effort and cost of remodeling or painting your room. Nevertheless, the growth in Instagram and social media has played a big part in showing us into other people’s fashionable lives, including their homes.

At the end of last year we published a handful of designer predictions for this year, how many of those are correct?

Geometric patterns, statement mirror and art deco inspired penthouse apartment. See more on source)



The colorful and energetic greenery was chosen as the 2017 Pantone color of the year, and this bright and cheerful tone has certainly made a mark on the home decor world. But we’d dare to suggest the cooling greens of watercress have also made an appearance, as the grown up emerald of the everglades. See some of the gorgeous green hues that have popped up so far.

An elegant and sophisticated home library in green. See more on source)

Green shell chair - see more on NONAGONstyle

(image source)

Green kitchen with subway tile and recycled wood materials. See more on source)

Green is the color of the moment! Luscious choice for this sofa. See more on source)

Green tiles for calm in the bathroom. See more on source)

Grown up moss and emerald colors in this lakeside home. See more on source)

Furniture designed by AirBnb co-founder Joe Gebbia. See more on source)

Home decor inspiration and ideas. See more on source)

Green loungers so you too can soak up the summer sun! See more on source)


Statement Plants

The Egue y Seta team proposed statement plants would be making an appearance. “Regarding plants, we’ll be seeing less of them in number but increased in size (both of the plant itself and of the leaves) towards a statement plant effect,” they said. While smaller plant displays are still a charming feature unlikely to disappear soon, we have seen more bolder, statement plant displays on offer.

Calla rugs uses recycled fabrics from fashion and turns them into something gorgeous. See more on source)

Apartment with folding cupboard wall space. See more on source)

Mid-century modern furniture design in this Barcelona apartment. See more on source)

Cozy and comforting, with perfectly styled coffee table. See more on source)



It makes sense that with the rise in gorgeous greenery and statement plants we can see a touch of tropicalia thrown into the mix too. Bold leaf motifs and a touch of the exotic give you hints of escapism in your decor. Think flaming flamingos and the natural materials of wicker and rattan that accompany rainforest glam so well.

Tropical foliage wallpaper in this chic dressing room. See more on source)

Banana leaf fronds in the game room. See more on source)

Flamingos galore! See more on source)

Alice in Wonderland inspired side table. See more on source)

Plants in wicker and rattan. See more on source)

Sunshine home in Mexico with bold blues and bright yellows. See more on source)

Scandinavian chic in Swansea - apartment styled by Swedish couple. See more on source)

Lush foliage blurs inside and outside resting space. See more on source)



On the other side of the coin from the bold and bright tropical trend we have hygge, the Danish buzzword that encompasses all things cozy. It has been calmly and comfortably inspiring warmth and relaxation in everyone’s Instagram feed, introducing serenity to an otherwise busy lifestyle. Since making its way into the 2016 Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year, Pinterest has seen a 285% increase in searches for hygge. So light a few candles and throw on the throws; it’s snuggletime.

Hygge - the Danish term for cozy. See more on source)

Hygge - the Danish term for cozy. See more on source)

Hygge. Cozy furniture and plenty of family time. See more on source)


Statement Mirrors

Mirrors reflect the fashions. Whether used to accentuate the tropical fun of greenery, or in a funky nod to the Art Deco and Glam Pop corners of the home decor spectrum, mirrors are no longer being tinted with antique style frosting. They are sleek, modern and show off the best version of you.

Making a statement with this geometric design in Chinese penthouse. See more on source)

Geometric patterns and statement mirrors. See more on source)

Statement mirrors say hello, in charming Spanish apartment. See more on source)

Charming entryway belonging to blogger and product stylist Marilen styles. See more on source)

The perfect vignette with statement mirror and cute assemblage of tchotchke. See more on source)


Earthy Pinks

Along with terracotta there are earthy pinks moving one step further from last year’s dusty pastels. Edging further away from saccharine sweet to something grounded, we find earthy pinks in a number of materials.

Taking plastic from the seas and forming into something reusable. See more on source)

Renting modern furniture made easier than ever. See more on source)

(image source)


Blurring the Boundaries Between Indoors and Outside

Many of the renovations and home tours we’ve featured in the last few months have featured wide open doors from the kitchen and living room that blur out to the garden and areas beyond. Big wide windows open up onto gorgeous spaces for relaxing and entertaining. If you’re not lucky enough to have a sprawling back yard, then take heart that there are some cute and cozy balcony options too.

Gorgeous views! See more of this home tour on source)

Italian farmhouse with gravel courtyard. See more on source)

Umbrian house is charming with its red checked tablecloth and gorgeous views. See more on source)

Outdoor places to relax. Perfect for the summer. See more on source)

Indoor to outdoor living spaces make it easy to enjoy your surroundings. See more on source)

Ranch in Sacramento built with mid century modern design aesthetic. See more on source)

Design Goes Big

Fashion houses are getting in on the action. Last year we shared Dior’s release of its new home collection and this week it’s Gucci’s debut home line that has Instagram in a flurry. Fashion and decor share the eye for great design and an ever evolving use of colors and styles. So keep your eyes peeled to see which luxe brand releases something next!

Gucci's range of designer candles.(image source)

Gucci's range of velvet embroidered cushions.(image source)

Gucci's range of Chiavari Chairs.(image source)

Bold printed metal tray and table by Gucci.(image source)

Pretty printed silk screen by Gucci.(image source)

What are your favorite trends you’ve spotted on Instagram this year? Many of the predicted trends seem to be pervading, with plenty of greens and tropicals, as well as an increasing move away from the austerity look of industrial patterns. Less concrete, more wood. Less brash and shiny silvers, more soft pink gold.

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Leave us a comment to let us know your top trends of this year!