Discover Denver Design Week 2017 – 6 Events You Must Attend

It might be time to take a trip to Denver, Colorado again.

This coming July 15-21, Denver Design Week makes a splash in the Colorado design scene by holding a series of engaging lectures, tours and workshops to showcase the region’s unique craft and growing design industry. For seven days, Colorado’s most creative architects and designers will come together to share their latest design tips and innovative design solutions you won’t want to miss on.

If you happen to be around the area next week, you might want to check out these upcoming events. Here’s an exciting list of events we highly recommend designers architects and design enthusiasts to attend.

A Look into Mid-Century Modern Homes

Mid century modern Eichler home rebuild by Klopf Architecture, featured on (image source)

Are you a fan of the popular looks of mid-century modern style? If you’re like me and love to ogle and collect mid-century modern furniture, you’re in for a treat with this session. A panel consisting of a real estate specialist, home renovator and architecture practice come together to discuss the rising popularity of mid-century modern homes. It’s exciting to finally understand why the trend continues, as well as to give us a better insight on the future of our mid-century modern homes and furniture. You can find out more here.

There are even a few home tours in store for us. You might want to take a look around the historic Razee House designed by renowned Colorado architect Charles Haertling. It’s a guided tour where you find out the home’s backstory as well insights on the home’s design details. Click here for more details.


Solar Decathlon 2017

Solar Decathlon 2017 - Building sustainable solar-powered homes - featured on (image source)

Solar Decathlon 2017 - Building sustainable solar-powered homes - featured on (image source)

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for a sneak peek at this year’s Solar Decathlon hosted in Denver. Every two years, the Solar Decathlon challenges collegiate teams to design full-size energy efficient solar-powered homes to showcase sustainability through unique solutions. As part of an outreach effort by the U.S. Department of Energy, the teams will battle it out in the competition’s different contests including innovation, water use and reuse strategies as well as market potential. While the competition isn’t until October 5-15, 2017, competition manager Joe Simon gives us an exclusive preview of the houses during the Denver Design Week. Find out more here.


Where Wood Meets Steel

Where Wood Meets Steel - Denver Design Week - featured on (image source)

It’s always inspiring to see local design flourish, which is why we’re thrilled to get a chance to come up-close and personal with Where Wood Meets Steel – Denver’s very own booming custom wood and steel furniture makers. Owners Ryan Dirksen and Marina Chotzinoff will give a tour around their wood and metal fabrication workshop, wood slab showroom and more. They’ll even share their design and fabrication process with the audience, which is perfect for woodworking enthusiasts and craft designers. Learn more here.


Technology in Modern Kitchen Design

Technology in Modern Kitchen Design - Denver Design Week 2017 - featured on (image source)

Thanks to the rise in smart home technology, cooking up a meal in the kitchen has been more efficient in recent years. This year in Denver Design Week, leading designers and appliance experts will share the latest news in kitchen technology and how it could change kitchen spaces for the better. We recommend home cooks to grab a seat while tickets last – you might be surprised to find the next great kitchen tech before anyone does. Find out more about technology in the kitchen here.


Designing for Accessibility

Designing for accesibility - Denver Design Week 2017 - featured on (image source)

With nearly 20 percent of the US population living with disabilities, it’s high time for design to adapt to the diverse needs of individuals and begin considering both form and function in products and spaces. Executive Director Damon McLeese of Denver’s Access Gallery shares advancements in designs for disabilities featuring the work of the talented Amy Mullins and MIT students who offered upgrades on conventional prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs.  You can learn more about the session here.


Florence Knoll’s 100th Birthday

Celebrating Florence Knoll's 100th Birthday - featured on (image source)

Celebrating Florence Knoll's 100th Birthday - featured on (image source)

One of the greatest pioneers for women in design, Florence Knoll continues to break boundaries with her contribution to workplace solutions and iconic designs, and serves as inspiration to many women in the design industry. In honor of Florence Knoll’s 100th birthday, the most talented female architects and designers in Colorado join the Denver Design Week to discuss women in design and their current status. You can find out more here.

Heading over to Denver Design Week? Tell us what you’re looking forward to in the comments. Check out the Denver Design Week website to find out more about the schedule of events.

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