Would You Buy the World’s Most Expensive Pillow?

How would you feel about laying down your head to rest on what’s been dubbed the “world’s most exclusive and expensive pillow”? Designed by Dutch physical therapist Thijs van der Hilst, the Tailormade Pillow Gold Edition will be revealed later this month in Dubai with a $56,995 price tag.

Is this the cure for a good night’s rest? Each of the Tailormade Pillows are just that, tailor made, designed for each person to have the best shaped pillow for their body and sleep movements. A scanner is used to take a 3D image of each client, with a memory foam shape cut to fit perfectly. Van der Hilst has been making custom made pillows for 14 years, developing the algorithm to determine the shape and size depending on the way you sleep.

Taking pillow talk to the next level, the Gold Edition features a 24 karat gold cover, made from fabric developed together with the Royal Textile Museum in the Dutch city of Tilburg. For those of you who seek the cool side of the pillow, Van der Hilst dubs this as the “first real cold fabric”, working to keep cool throughout the night and blocking electromagnetic radiation.

The zipper alone is enough to make headlines, inset with a 22.5 carat sapphire and four diamonds! For those who can do without the diamonds and gold fabric, a custom made pillow will retail for $4,995.

What do you think of the “world’s most expensive pillow”? Let us know if you think this is the solution to a perfect night’s sleep!