Family Homes on – A Year In Review

Children’s rooms can be just as stylish as the master bedroom. There’s no need to let wayward toys and scattered scooters stop your home from being design friendly, as these family homes will show you.

From city apartments to country retreats, here is a selection of home tours we featured this year that were designed with little ones in mind.

Leading by Eixample, Barcelona

Family apartment in Barcelona

This young couple wanted enough space for the sun to stream in and a big enough living room area for playtime with their son Joaquim. There is certainly sun, and with plenty of blocks of bright and warming colors the place feels cheerful and fun.

Family apartment with plenty of open space to play and spend time together


From School Room to Bedroom

Ons Dorp Amsterdam (via

A group of 10 families rallied together to buy this 100-year-old school house in Amsterdam under the collective name Ons Dorp, which translates from Dutch to “Our Village”. The group was looking to convert the building into apartments for the families, weaving elements of modern efficiency and capabilities such as solar power and central heating, into the new homes.

The original building is three floors, but each floor features large rooms with extremely tall ceilings. The double height of the rooms made them perfect for individual apartments, especially when divided in maisonette style like this. There is plenty of space to run around and play.

Sprawling living room, with different storage options and double height areas.


Method to the Mid-Century Madness


While to some it may seem at odds to fit your home with mid-century designer furniture and then throw children into the mix, but this family home shows that the two things are not discordant. Actually the flow of an Eichler home makes it great for open plan play for the family.

The children’s bedroom is infused with warming pumpkin orange, and shades of green. The furniture doesn’t look out of place with the rest of the home’s design. It’s just a bit smaller for the smaller humans that live there.

Kids Room with orange and green accent colors



Up to the Rafters

Family space to gather and eat - lots of natural materials and warmth

Meals are often the most time we get to spend together as a family in our busy weekdays. This family home in Madrid provides a warm and friendly backdrop for supper time. The owners of this home wanted a place where their children could be inspired, so there are plenty of books, colors and spaces to learn and grow.

Tall bookcases and plenty of space for curling up with a book

The shared areas have cozy spots for conversation, places to do homework, and chairs to read in. Upstairs in the bedroom, the children’s room encourages play, adventure and plenty of climbing fun.

Kids room with tree house bunk beds


Incision House

Incision House on Beech Street, designer home renovation by EAT, on (11)

The children who live in Incision House are growing up. They outgrew their last place, which is why this family-of-four decided to move out and find the right home. They snapped up this bungalow and built an extension on top to give the boys enough room to roam.

Incision House on Beech Street, designer home renovation by EAT, on NONAGONstyle (4)

Incision House on Beech Street, designer home renovation by EAT, on NONAGONstyle (6)


Edwardian Home

Kids bedroom in Edwardian home, Surrey Hills (via

At this large country home in Surrey, there is inspiration from Americana style.

Country mansion home


Geometrics and Guitars

Geometric wallpaper in the children's room

Keeping the room playful and fresh, this home in Paris creates a warm and welcoming environment with its geometric wall mural.

The kitchen command center is also a staple of this home, where all notes and messages, notes, and keepsakes can be found.

Potted plant in the hallway, home decor on


Blue and Yellow

18 Talbot Road Home tour designed by Ardesia (via

Umming and ahhing about whether to go for traditional pink or blue for the baby’s room? This family home in London opted for a bit of blue and some sunny yellow, kept in check with some simple white walls and finishes for their baby boy’s room.

Nursery room with blue and yellow theme (via

Teepee in the living room (home tour on

The rest of the home is kitted out for playtime, with lots of space between the living and kitchen for family time, right through to the garden. The open spread between the two areas allows for adults to keep a watchful eye!

Family kitchen, designed by Ardesia Design (via


What’s Happening in Westport

Playroom in simple colors

A young Connecticut family have renovated with the future in mind. For now this is the playroom, and media room. It has gray muted tones accessorized by bright pops of color in the form of kids’ furniture. But as the children mature so too can the room, quite easily becoming a space for other activities and growing with the family.

D2 on - 15 kids bed room


Kilburn Terraced Home Refurbishment

Nursery room with blue and gray palette (via

The mother of this home enjoyed the renovation process so much that she moved forward with plans to pursue a career in interior design. This nursery room is built to grow, with space for a crib and nursing. There is plenty of light, a muted color palette and a medley of cute accessories that make this room a lovely and stylish place to spend time.

Nursery room

Kids room in London family home (via


Indoor and Outdoor Play

Terraced home in Vietnam, creating plenty of space to play

Inner city apartments in Vietnam don’t always have the space for an apartment or a courtyard. But this terraced house has been designed with different platforms above to make great use of natural light, space to sit outside, and areas to grow plants. Not only that but downstairs behind the shutters there is even more space for running around in the safety of home.

Terraced house in Vietnam (via

HP Architects Terraced Home in Vietnam (via

Indoor playground in this family home in Vietnam (via

Terraced house in Vietnam, featured on


Monkeys in the Bedroom

London home interiors - Family home tour (photographer Matt Clayton)

Tables and chairs that you can tuck away; the ultimate in space saving. This table and bench area is a great space for the family to play together, do homework and have a good time. It was designed by a young couple Maya and Ran, who brainstormed with their children for what they should do with the house.

Family play time in designer home (via

One of the most fun bedrooms featured on this year has got to be this one with the climbing frame!

Monkeys in the bedroom (home tour via

There have been plenty of fun home tours this year featuring stylish inner city apartments or tiny homes out in the countryside, but it’s great to see that there are so many family homes that look great and make space for different generations.