Take a Look at the Top Floor Apartment in an Old Lombardy Farmhouse

Old Italian farmhouses are not in short supply, but people who want to live in draughty buildings are. It’s no surprise then that these buildings are being transformed to make way for new residents.

At the top of this converted farmhouse in Brescia, Lombardy, is a 1,500 square foot (140 square meter) apartment with a minimalist interior design style. The apartment sits under a mansard roof, with four steep sloping sides. Against the backdrop of powerful shapes and features in the ceiling, the rest of the house is sober and sturdy.

Open plan living room in this Italian farmhouse loft apartment conversion

Can you guess what a person is like by seeing their home interiors? The apartment was custom designed for the client; a career woman with huge personality. Her preference for the design style was strong lines and a neutral space that would be adaptable over time. For longevity, white was used for most of the home’s walls and stunning beams, while pops of yellow and custom made furniture tell their own story.

Open plan kitchen in Italian farmhouse loft apartment conversion

Open plan kitchen in Italian farmhouse loft apartment conversion

Open plan living room in Italian farmhouse loft apartment conversion

Open plan living in Italian farmhouse loft apartment conversion

One of the interesting design elements of this project was the decision to keep the bedroom to living room flow flexible, according to ZDA who worked on the renovation.

They installed folding doors between the bedroom and living room to define the borders, or alternatively, open the space up. “The result is flexible accommodation where the perception of space varies according to the needs of the client. Through the opening of the folding doors, the client feels that she is in a single large open-space where there is no distinction between the living area and the sleeping area. By closing the doors, however, the owner is immediately immersed in a more intimate and collected space.”

Bright and cheerful yellow bathroom in Italian farmhouse loft apartment conversion

The bright yellow bathroom walls offer an instant pick me up! The powder room proves that a sunny canary color is a great way to lift a space, just like in this basement house in Taiwan.

The master bathroom is perhaps central to the entire apartment. It divides the area between bedroom and living spaces. When the folding doors are opened, the huge side passages are like corridors.

As you can see the same neutral white and wood finish is used for continuity through all the spaces. The deep oak is a contrast to the striking white.

The favorite part of the house for this home owner is the bedroom, with the Tadao bed by Flou. The bed is flanked either side by the Parentesi lighting designed by Flos.

You can see from the slopes of the beams that the master bathroom is at the core of the apartment, giving it a unique boundary placement.

Lastly, a conservatory room provides another social area for dining and enjoying the surrounding countryside views. The dramatic remodeling of the old farmhouse has translated into sophisticated design and a mature contemporary feel.

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Project: Casa LU

Design: ZDA – Zupelli Design Architettura

Photos: Ezio Zupelli