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十八紙-Ihpaper Paper Bench (4-6 People)
Bench is more flexible than ever before. For the sake of space optimization, Paper Bench emerges to adapt perfectly to every context. It can stretch into various extents, taking on different shapes based on your needs. In just a few minutes, you can change your space furnishing wherever you wish.
Woodendot KA Lamp XL
Ka XL is a standard lamp, which radiates ambient light. Its simple and elegant lines are drawn from a stylish structure of beech wood slats, a tripod shape and joined together by a leather thread.
麽器-MORE Little Tathagata Ceramics and Porcelain
Holding the lotus, meditating with eyes closed, this little Tathagata expresses a sense of ease and chill. Representing protection, peace, benevolence and the dispelling of fear, its calming spirituality leads you to find your inner peace.
Nordahl Konings Lilje Table Clock
Dannah Levy Egg-Shaped Ceramic Vase
Minimal egg-shaped sculpture.
TAMEN Yosegi Stool (Special Jindai Cedar Edition)- Made to Order
Yosegi Stool is a multiple-award winning furniture piece. Inspired by Japanese Kumiki puzzles, this stool incorporates traditional Yosegi inlaid wood pattern, and Tsugite geometric wooden joint, techniques.
ilsangisang Surface Vase
If a vase is filled with undried water and a mug is always filled with coffee, it must be so convenient.
Audrey Gachet Les Bananiers Cushion
A funky, playful cushion with tassels for your living room!
Plato Design 12 Color Cromia Wall Lamp
Cromia is a minimalist wall lamp available in 12 different colors. Plato Design peculiar ultra-thin concrete is proposed in different colors to fit in every room.
Plato Design Basic TWELVE Trio Pendant Lamp
With their magnetic connections, these lamps are designed for the change of shape in an easy way.

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