These are the 2018 Interior Design Trends to Avoid |
2018 Interior Design Trends to Avoid

2018 Interior Design Trends to Avoid

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on January 23rd 2018
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Don’t want outdated home decor? These are the 2018 interior design trends to avoid. No matter how great they look now, you’ll be pleased not to look so dated down the line.

Backwards Books

Sometimes you see ideas on Pinterest and think, ooh that looks pretty. But the trend for turning your books backwards on the shelf is simply spineless!

Found on Instagram pages and Pinterest boards, “backwards books” are all about hiding the covers and shelving them with their spines against the wall.


Those in favor of the trend argue that it’s a good way to color block your books, creating a cohesive color palette for the room. A neutral and minimalist look. But everyone else is wondering …why? And, how do you find the book you’re looking for?


Instagram user Liz from Leaning Tower of Books, turned her books around for a Halloween spooky decor challenge. Bang on the money is her observation that not knowing which book is which is scary! However, recent pictures reveal the backwards books have staying power in her latest posts.

So what’s the solution? If you’re really so concerned about how your books look, maybe consider only holding onto the books you truly need, or the ones that still inspire you. Then again, maybe it’s fun to play Russian roulette with your books. Your call on the “backwards books” trend. After all, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.


How do you store your books at home? Leave a comment and let us know!

Black Stainless Steel

Just as books are “going neutral” in decor, we see kitchens continuing with the white subway tile and balancing out with black stainless steel kitchen appliances.


It will take quite a shake up to convince the majority of people to move away from their shiny stainless steel and go for black appliances, even more so when they discover that it’s not scratch resistant! If your kitchen has some heavy duty requirements, (and whose kitchen isn’t the heart of the home?) consider whether you’ll still want to be looking at a scratched up black dishwasher five years down the line.

White kitchen island with marble countertop | De La Roche Residence by _naturehumaine |

For those with smaller kitchens, they may also consider against using such a heavy color. Rather than fading into the background, the heavy bold appliances end up getting all the attention. Focus on making your kitchen more energy efficient instead.

How Violent is Violet?

Some of you will recoil in horror at Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet. It’s a sister to the millennial blush pink trend of recent years, but it’s a bit more hardcore. The problem with doing your entire kitchen walls in Ultra Violet is that it’s almost like the setting for a Cadbury’s ad. Luxury and dramatic it may be, but consider if this is really a color you’re going to love eight months from now.

Perhaps you find yourself more at home with muted colors; softening deep and bold blues with muted browns, pairing natural foliage green textiles with neutrals that don’t feel dated in a year. If you still want the purple tones that hint at red and blue, but not ready for the violence of violet, check out Dulux’s competing color of the year Heart Wood, a mauve that steps beyond pale pink but doesn’t go all out blackberry jam.

Industrial living room softened with purple curtains |
Bedroom with warm tones, lilac bedding |
Home Decor Trends 2018: Lavender living room with teal and violet accents |
image source

Heavy Rustic Accents

The modern farmhouse look is on the rise, which means big wide sinks and big slabs of material. That’s all great! We love the large stone bricks for a fireplace, the solid wood tables that allow for bread making and sous chef to keep you company.


But be warned. It’s all too easy to slip into the early 2000s Tuscan Kitchen trend, which is definitely one to avoid. We’re over that orangey tone, terracotta tiles and the wood stained cabinets. Emphasize the modernΒ in “modern farmhouse”, and avoid shaping up your dark Italian kitchen by simply allowing the materials to breath; that gorgeous granite countertop is even more unique when it stands out against the cupboards.

Be wary of rustic kitchen overkill |
image source

What 2018 What trends are still sticking in your Pinterest feed that you wish would just go away? Leave us a comment and let us know what we’ve missed out.

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