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2020 Home New Year Zen Resolutions

2020 Home New Year Zen Resolutions

Incorporate Japanese Homeware, Zen Minimalism and Philosphy into Your Living Space in 2020

Written by –
Marcella Wong
on January 6th 2020
Marcella believes that one should always live life with mindfulness. Being able to notice aesthetics around is her gift and also her hobby.
You would find Marcella at her best either sourcing for interior design or home decor products, or in the kitchen exploring her gourmet paradise.

Is refurnishing your home on your agenda for 2020?


Why not take it as one of your New Year resolutions to create a calmer and healthier environment throughout your home? Be inspired by Japanese culture and combine the New Year cleaning ritual with the Minimalist Zen home movement. Together, these actions will promote a peaceful state of mind and herald a good beginning to the new decade.

At the same time, you can incorporate innovative homeware products from Japan into your home, where functionality meets calming aesthetics.

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The first step is to deep clean your home in preparation for the New Year.
The Japanese call this osji, or “big clean”, which they carry out at the end of the old year in preparation for welcoming a visit by Toshigami-sama, the deity who brings abundance and health for the coming year.
Osji ensures that people can leave their old selves behind and start the New Year with a positive attitude and a clear head.

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Zen Minimalism

The Zen of Minimalism is a philosophy that encourages us to look within ourselves for peace. It is often associated with concept of “less is more”. A Zen home is free from distractions, and this helps to create a calm state of mind. It makes sense to embrace this during the New Year, as it signals a new beginning and a shift in one’s lifestyle; it is a catalyst for happiness.

Take inspiration from the seven principles of Zen aesthetics:

simplicity (kanso), asymmetry (fukinsei), naturalness (shizen), subtlety (yugen), unconventionality (datzoku), tranquility (seijaku) and austerity (shibui).

Zen in the Home

Why not make it your New Year resolution to make your home more Zen? Here are some tips for ideas you can easily incorporate into your living space to help achieve a calm and restful environment.

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Choose earthy colors such as soft tones of white, grey, beige or pink beige; if you want to inject your favorite color, use a low-key tone and harmonize it with the rest of the palette

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Keep furniture simple and natural – go for clean lines and high-quality, natural materials

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Enhance the room with natural scents – a homemade linen spray, soy or beeswax candles, and essential oils are all natural ways to enhance your room with fresh scents, ranging for calming for the evening, or invigorating for the morning

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Cut the clutter and keep ornaments and decoration to a minimum; display those special items that truly bring joy

Calm, clean and safe

In today’s hectic life when we are bombarded with so much choice and so many messages, especially those driven by technology, the home can provide an oasis of calm.

You can “switch off” by creating a peaceful environment and keeping distractions to a minimum. Ensuring that the environment is also clean, safe and healthy contributes to peace of mind.

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The KonMari Method

We would not find this name a stranger if we have ever been on internet before. Marie Kondo has made her self the Guru in tidying and organizing.

She was the pioneer in bringing the “Does this Sparks Joy?”methodology into home tidying. Her goal is not just to tidy up a space but to have us looking into our lives in a less cluttered form. Hence, identifying any forgotten goals.



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There are five steps to the cluttering, and it is such a simple first step you could take.

  1. Discarding by category (Clothes, Books, Documents)
  2. Breaking each category into subcategories (Jacket, T-shirt, Pants Under Clothes)
  3. Pick things up one by one and ask yourself “Does it spark joy?” And if it’s a no, get rid of it
  4. Start organizing them and decide a home for each item!
  5. Do it in one go! And Power through!


To take control of your space and how it makes you feel would be one of the best ways to recognizing how your mood is all up to your attitude and connections you feel with a space! This is much resolution we need this 2020!


Functionality + Zen Style

Have you considered a functional wall that could passively do climate control in your room.

Japan has always been known for their extraordinary bathroom facilities. They even developed technological walls that could double as climate control!

Ecocarat is a natural-look wall-finishing material that combines design and function developed by Japanese manufacturer INAX. It helps maintain comfortable humidity levels, and reduces unpleasant odors and harmful substances in the air.


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It works as a modern version of the traditional “mud wall”, with micro-holes in the surface of the ceramic material. It enables smaller moisture particles to pass through but prevent larger water and dirt particles from entering.

By maintaining optimum humidity levels in a room, dry seasons would no longer be a nightmare during Autumn and Winter!

Imagine a wall that would moisten the air, thus prevent problems associated with dry skin in particular. Also helps reduce odors from toilets, food waste, cigarettes, and pets, by adsorbing substances such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

It comes in a range of hand-crafted beautiful reliefs and patterns that take on the look of natural materials such as stone and wood, but with the added attraction of ornamentation techniques. As a result, infusing a natural ambiance with functionality into your living space.

2020 Home New Year Zen Resolutions Ecocarat Wall

Get Set! Ready 2020!

Home is where our heart is, and being able to create space that is safe and clean contribute greatly to our health, physically and mentally.

Here’s to our great year ahead! Please, let us make this 2020 resolution one that wouldn’t fail.


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