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3 Ways to Make Your Home Cat Friendly

3 Ways to Make Your Home Cat Friendly

Because a cat-friendly home benefits both you and your feline friend

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NONAGON.style Team
on October 22nd 2017
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So you’ve finally taken the pet plunge and decided to embark on the journey to becoming a cat parent. Congratulations! However, whilst you may be prepared to take responsibility of a new feline friend, is your home?


Making sure your home is cat friendly benefits both you and your new companion. Indeed, not only will ‘catifying’ your digs potentially save the state of your sofa, it will also ensure your new addition is happy and healthy – especially in those first few months where your pawsome pal is still finding their feet in a brand new environment. Whilst the addition of cat-friendly furniture certainly helps, there are other (less drastic) ways to make your home feline functional. Check out the video with Rosly Mok, designer behind feline-friendly lifestyle brand, The9Life, to reveal all.

Do you have any top tips of your own for creating a cat-friendly home? Let us know in the comments below!


If you’re looking for stylish cat-friendly furniture for the modern home check out our exclusive look at The9Life’s Scandinavian-inspired furniture collection.


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