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5 Tips for Feng Shui

5 Tips for Feng Shui

Our easy guide to positive vibes at home

Written by –
Emily Wong
on February 14th 2018
Emily is NONAGON.style's resident visual content creator and curator. She grew up in Australia, where she picked up a fondness for Vegemite toast and a lilting inflection. Check out Emily's videos, because her DIYs are original, and offer something new to even the Glue Gun Queen.

Follow these 5 tips for better feng shui at home. Check out our video as well!

#1 No Fake Plants


Plants invite wealth and balance your environment | NONAGON.style

Opt for healthy, living plants.

They restore harmony, invite wealth, and bring happiness to the space.

#2 Eliminate Sharp Objects

Keep sharp objects covered for good feng shui | NONAGON.style
Put sharp objects away, or keep them covered - Feng Shui tips on NONAGON.style

Scissors, knives and similar objects should be put away and covered. This will ensure that positive energy is not obstructed by anything sharp.

#3 Inspirational Quotes

Hang inspirational quotes on your wall for a daily boost of positive energy - Feng Shui tips on NONAGON.style

Displaying inspirational quotes will boost your daily positive energy.

#4 Display Items in Pairs

Keep items in pairs to invite love and romance - Feng Shui tips on NONAGON.style

In feng shui, pairs of items symbolize love. Putting objects in pairs works best for creating love and romance.

#5 Eliminate Clutter

Keep your desk clear from clutter - Feng Shui tips on NONAGON.style

Clutter is a postponed decision, showing inability to move forward. Getting rid of physical clutter will help clear your mind. You’ll have more focus, and create space for positive energy flow in the environment.

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