5 Eclectic Designs You'll Want to Take Home from Maison & Objet 2018 | NONAGON.style
5 Eclectic Designs You’ll Want to Take Home from Maison & Objet 2018

5 Eclectic Designs You’ll Want to Take Home from Maison & Objet 2018


Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on January 19th 2018
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.


If you ever needed a reason to visit the City of Light, this year’s Maison&Objet, held in Paris from January 19 – 23, is one you should strongly consider. Attending one of the world’s most popular design trade shows might sound intimidating, but design enthusiasts and homeowners shouldn’t miss this amazing chance to discover extraordinary decor and design from the 600 exhibitors present in the event. Being a highly-anticipated platform to showcase international design, Maison&Objet dedicates an entire hall this year for eclectic design from around the world. Be inspired by designs from Sweden, Turkey and even Morocco, as we shine the spotlight on eclectic pieces you’ll want to take home with you.

Carina Björck’s Enchanting Cushions Inspired by Her Paintings

Turn your home into an art gallery with gorgeous duvets and cushions inspired by Carina Björck’s stunning oil paintings.

Carina Bjorck home decor at Maison&Objet Feature - 2018 | NONAGON.style

Inspired by the bright colors of the Nordic landscapes, artist and designer Carina began working on abstract oil paintings that were later exhibited in the USA, Japan and Europe. Her extensive travel pushed her to continue painting scenes of daily life in different cities. Eager to share her work with more people, Carina partnered with Swedish tailors to translate her paintings into home textiles and accessories, resulting to statement decor pieces guaranteed to make great conversation starters around the house.


Carina Bjorck home decor at Maison&Objet Feature - 2018 | NONAGON.style

France-based Patrimonio Inmaterial’s Mexican Masterpieces

Here’s one for preserving Mexican culture and identity.

Patrimonio Inmaterial home decor at Maison&Objet Feature - 2018 | NONAGON.style

P.I. Project, which stands for Patrimonio Inmaterial in Spanish, is a term that refers to ‘Intangible Heritage’. By working with indigenous and mestizo communities, P.I. project supports Mexican artisans and preserve their cultural heritage through handcrafted pieces involving techniques passed down from generations of Mexican families. From woven baskets made from palm leaves, to candle holders representing devotion and faith, every item holds a piece of the community and tells a beautiful story of Mexican craftsmanship.

Milagro home decor at Maison&Objet Feature - 2018 | NONAGON.style

Chabi Chic’s Merry Moroccan Kitchenware

For bohemian maximalists on the hunt for new kitchenware, Chabi Chic’s vibrant creations are a must-have.

Moroccon Chabi Chic ceramics at Maison&Objet Feature - 2018 | NONAGON.style

Brainchild of an architect by trade and an international trade professional, Chabi Chic began as an idea when Vanessa Di Mino et Nadia Noël were residing in Marrakech for their respective projects. Inspired by the rich colors of Moroccan architecture and patterned homeware, the two sought to make Moroccan-style accessories more accessible internationally, and decided to work with expert craftsmen in Marrakech. Especially suited to minimal kitchens, Chabi Chic’s kitchenware collection will bring in a colorful Arabesque charm to otherwise plain surfaces.

Chabi Chic ceramics at Maison&Objet Feature - 2018 | NONAGON.style

Zenza Home’s Soulful Collection

Free-spirited lamps and furniture with an Egyptian flare.

Zenza furniture design at Maison&Objet Feature - 2018 | NONAGON.style

Known for their signature silver-plated brass lighting, Zenza is born out of a couple’s passion for lifestyle and home decor. When the couple came back from a trip to Egypt, they knew that their selection of handmade products would catch the attention of designers and stylists around the world. Now, with their own factory in Egypt, they produce statement furniture, kitchenware and elegant atmospheric lighting, with their signature perforated lighting collection that creates beautiful shadows on walls.

Zenza rattan chair at Maison&Objet Feature - 2018 | NONAGON.style

Istanbul’s Inspiring 3rd Culture

Unconventional home accessories to give you new perspectives for designing for your home.

Project Istanbul collection by 3rd Culture at Maison&Objet Feature - 2018 | NONAGON.style

What happens when a product designer meets a photographer? You get a unique decor brand like 3rd Culture, of course. Based in Istanbul, designer Zeynep Lale Rende and photographer Emre Rende wanted to highlight and celebrate the diversity of world cultures through, you guessed it, artesanal furniture, accessories, photography and gifts. All their items feature festive patterns and quirky designs much like their unconventional two-toned armchair. Let’s not forget the Chimalli cheese board, fashioned after warrior shields used by indigenous tribes of Mexico, that look great as wall decor too.

Which item will you take home first? Remember to check out the Maison&Objet website for more information on designs from around the world.


If you’re interested in seeing more eclectic homes, tour this eclectic home filled with quirky collages and colorful interiors.


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