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5 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Consider for Your Next Remodel

5 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Consider for Your Next Remodel

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on January 10th 2019
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Looking to add a dash of drama to your kitchen? As seasoned kitchen design connoisseurs, allow us to suggest the humble backsplash as an effective – and affordable – decorative option that’s guaranteed to thrust your space into the style limelight. Best of all, no matter whether your aesthetic of choice runs perfectly patterned or simply sleek, you’re sure to find a design you love. In fact, we bet the only problem you’ll have is narrowing your final choice down to one! Here are some of our favorite kitchen backsplash ideas to get you started.

5 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

On The Tiles

A bold and vibrant backsplash is our preferred way of adding color to an otherwise neutral kitchen. And after seeing ShubinDonaldson’s take on tiles, who can blame us?

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We love how the mesmerizingly chaotic blue and white print extends from the backsplash to the floor. The raw wood and exposed brick textures are the perfect foil, bringing an earthy balance to the overall aesthetic.

Stone Cold

Nothing encapsulates luxury quite like marble. The trick to keeping it modern? Keep the dosage to ‘little yet often’. Accents are key, making the marble backsplash a design no-brainer.

Open Kitchen Shelves Instead of Cabinets: Bright kitchen with marble backsplash, white open shelves and pretty glass tableware |
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Paired with open shelves and gold hardware, this bright and breezy take on the marble backsplash is the millennial gold standard. To up the luxe factor, opt for a continuous slab of marble over smaller marble tiling.

Back to Black

While the kitchen backsplash is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with color, vibrant hues are not your only design option.

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In this sleek minimalist kitchen, Kresswell Interiors have used the backsplash as a way to introduce texture into a monochromatic theme. The dark matte grouting is just enough to highlight the herringbone pattern tiles without distracting too much from the overall look.

The Great Gatsby

Yes, the backsplash is intended to be a functional element within the kitchen setup. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t also stand as a piece of design art. Case in point – this Art Deco-inspired beauty.

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Delicate gold stripes layered over chic marble in a subtly elegant sunburst pattern makes for a sophisticated ode to all things Gatsby. Gold-rimmed glassware and a statement gold-framed window tie the look together.

Charm Offensive

In addition to experimenting with color and print, the kitchen backsplash is a chance to mix up your material game. And while tiles and exposed brick may be the MVP’s of the backsplash world, it’s those kitchens which dare to try something different which we’ll be looking to emulate.

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Take this contemporary country space, which uses vintage toile wallpaper to make a sun-infused statement. Although wallpaper isn’t the most practical addition to a kitchen space, a half-wall border of white subway tiles provides all the functionality that’s needed.

For more kitchen backsplash ideas, take a scroll through our gallery.


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