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5 Signs You Might Be a Minimalist

5 Signs You Might Be a Minimalist

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Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on January 7th 2018
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.

It’s hard to go by a month without shopping! Maybe you picked up a new scented candle on discount, a cushion that will go so well with the throw you picked up in town, or the latest addition to your growing crockery collection. The older items are put away in storage, and before long, you’re left with barely any space for the essentials. This is exactly what Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known as the Minimalists, sought to remedy, when they first turned to a minimalist lifestyle in 2010. They downsized their belongings and by living with less, everything they kept felt purposeful.


Nowadays, minimalist home design is increasingly popular especially among new homeowners, and I understand why. Clean spaces feel much calmer, and are definitely photogenic. Curious to know if you’re a minimalist? Read on for 5 signs you might be one.

Choose Simple Decor

Big, flashy and loud decor isn’t your thing. You prefer sleek lines, and pared down vignettes.

5 Signs You Might Be a Minimalist | NONAGON.style
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When it comes to choosing decor, you’re drawn to a few key pieces that fit easily on countertops and still leave you with plenty of space for essentials. You might have a plant or two, and a couple of photographs and artwork. You display only your favorite items, and seeing them fills you with joy each time.

Keep to a Color Theme

Being a minimalist also means streamlining your color palette making it easy on the eye.

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Whether muted grays and whites, or pops of blue and cream, you try to keep your space to a modest color palette. This color theme determines which furniture pieces match, and the kinds of decor items you’ll purchase. It might have been difficult at first, but now that you’ve gotten the hang of it, all of your items easily match!

Maintain Clear Surfaces

A clear desk is often an indication of a clear mind, because there’s less distraction in your space. But this goes well for work surfaces around your home too!

Kitchen with wooden cupboards | NONAGON.style
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Kitchen countertops, coffee tables, and drawers all run the risk of being busy surfaces filled with unopened mail and lost keys if you don’t make the effort to regularly clear them. Because you’re putting less items on display and have designated storage spaces,  you’re not tempted to keep piling things on the desk until you can no longer find what you’re looking for. Clear surfaces look clean and tidy, a rewarding aspect going minimal.

Keep Everything Organized

You don’t just hide clutter away from sight, you organize them too.

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Minimalism is all about keeping only what is essential to you, and that means being aware of everything you own. You keep things organized because it lets you avoid having to dig through a pile of clothes to look for something to wear in the morning. You know exactly which shelf your cleaning supplies are on when you need them. Having an organized home doesn’t only look neat, you’re also less stressed because you’ll know where to find what you need. It’s all about taking good care of your material possessions, and making the most use out of them.

Declutter Regularly

Truth is, you don’t really need two of the same item. Keeping a minimal home means decluttering regularly, so you only end up keeping what’s useful to you.

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Because you keep things organized, it’s easier to determine home items you often use or barely touch. If you haven’t used a piece of clothing in the last two years, it goes straight in a bag for donation. You do the same thing with books, home decor, and other paraphernalia. You make sure everything left is purposeful, and according to minimalism connoisseur Marie Kondo, sparks joy.

Does this sound a lot like you? Tell us in the comments below.


If you’re thinking of starting a journey to living with less, you should read this definitive guide to creating a zen home. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we bring you fresh design stories daily.




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