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5 Ways to Keep Your House Warm (Without Turning Up the Heat)

5 Ways to Keep Your House Warm (Without Turning Up the Heat)

Keeping your house warm and saving money

Written by –
Jess Ng
on November 5th 2017
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Dust off the thermals and ready the snow boots, if the weather reports are to be believed, this year’s winter is going to be particularly chilling for those in the northern hemisphere, with snowfall and sub-zero temperatures galore. Whilst it may be tempting to turn up the thermostat in order to achieve that cozy feel at home, have you ever thought about first adjusting some design details of your space to create a warm foundation? Read on for ways to warm up your home without turning up the heat.

5 Steps to a Warm Home: Cozy gray living room with fireplace and faux fur throw | NONAGON.style
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Put a Rug On It

Warm your feet and your home with a soft fluffy area rug.

5 Steps to a Warm Home: Rustic country living room with fireplace and mounted stags head | NONAGON.style
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In addition to elevating the visual aesthetics of a room, a beautiful rug acts as a great form of insulation between the floor and your feet. The thicker the better. For help in choosing the perfect rug for your space, check out our exclusive interview with interior designers Lim + Lu.


Fan Out

No, this isn’t a trick. A ceiling fan really can help to keep you warm – all it takes is the flick of a switch.

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In its natural setting, the ceiling fan typically spins counter-clockwise, moving cold air downwards and thus cooling a room. For a ceiling fan to warm a room, you want it to spin in the opposite direction (most fans have switch for this very purpose). In doing so the fan will create an updraft, pushing the warm air gathered near the ceiling back into your living space. Genius.

Add a Knit

Bundling up in knitted cardigans and woolly hats is a winter no-brainer, so why not extend that same courtesy to your abode?

5 Steps to a Warm Home: Cozy rustic living room with fireplace, knitted throws and candles | NONAGON.style
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Be it a hand-knitted pillow, or a stylish knitted pouf, knitted textures are a great way to infuse a space with visual warmth. For physical warmth I recommend having a knitted throw on hand, draped casually over the arm of your sofa or armchair.

Sheet Swap

Sometimes it’s the simple things, such as swapping your bedding, that can go a long way in keeping you warm.

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Swap cotton sheets for flannel or jersey and add a heavy down comforter to your bedding line up to stay cozy all night long. I also love adding a faux fur throw for good measure.

 Think Drapery

Most modern homes tend to shun curtains in favor of sleek blinds, but if your abode is particularly susceptible to the cold, you may want to re-think that decision.

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Although blinds can help insulate a room to a degree, thick heavy curtains are far superior in trapping heat and reducing drafts. This is especially important at night when heat is prone to escaping from the windows. For ultimate warmth think about investing in floor-to-ceiling thermal lined curtains, making sure there are no leaks or gaps for the heat to disappear through.

What are your top tips for keeping your home warm in winter? Let us know in the comments!


Speaking of keeping warm, check out our round up of snuggly blankets for coziness epitomized. As we approach the end of the year, you might also want to dress up your home for fall with cushy textiles and more.


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