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7 Back-to-School Etsy Finds Your Kids Need This Year

7 Back-to-School Etsy Finds Your Kids Need This Year

These are seriously too cool for school

Written by –
Jess Ng
on September 4th 2017
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September days are upon us which means back to school for many kids across the northern hemisphere. Whether your tiny tot is heading to kindergarten for the first time or your tween is embarking on their high school adventure, I have you covered with the best back-to-school finds from Etsy. Functional (for the most part) and fun, they’re almost cool enough to make me want to brave algebra and biology again myself – almost.

Fox Lunch Bag

Adorable and practical, this insulated lunch bag would make a playful addition to your little one’s back-to-school wishlist.

Back-to-school fox print personalized kids lunch box from Etsy | NONAGON.style

Boasting an insulated thermal lining and a convenient carry handle, what makes this Etsy find really stand out is the personalized name banner. Now there’ll be no mistaking who this lunch belongs to.

The Brown Bag

Perfect for the hipster teen in your life, the Brown Bag is a luxe take on the old-school brown paper lunch bag.

Back-to-school alternative Brown Bag retro lunch bag from Etsy | NONAGON.style
Back-to-school alternative Brown Bag retro lunch bag from Etsy | NONAGON.style

Available in a range of appropriately trendy colors (moss green and burgundy to name but a few), this lunch bag claims to be a reinvented classic. Made from hand-waxed canvas, the Brown Bag is a durable alternative to the iconic brown paper sack. For those teens who have outgrown cartoon lunch boxes, this will make for a stylish anti-statement statement for their first day back to school.


Lunch Notes

How sweet are these punny lunch notes?

Sweet child-friendly food pun lunch notes for back to school from Etsy | NONAGON.style

Brighten up your little one’s day with a sweet lunch note tucked between their fruit and sandwiches. With cute puns like “Lime Yours” and “Have a Grape Day!”, these printable notes are a playful way to connect with your child when they’re away at school.

Animal Bento Picks

Add a spot of kawaii to lunchtime with these cute as a button animal-themed bento picks.

Kawaii animal bento picks for back-to-school lunchtime from Etsy | NONAGON.style

Preparing beautiful bento boxes needn’t be a chore; these picks add fun and fancy to even the most basic of lunches. Pro tip: these work as a great way to entice kids into eating their fruit and vegetables.

Kraft Monthly Academic Planner

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail, which is why this simply chic academic planner is a back-to-school necessity.

Simple academic planner for back to school from Etsy | NONAGON.style
Simple academic planner for back to school from Etsy | NONAGON.style

Handmade from recycled paper, this 18-month academic planner makes it easy to stay organized. The simple rustic design is a great minimalist base which each child can customize to make their own.

Green Grammar Pencils

Perhaps not to be used for any pending grammar tests, these Green Grammar Pencils are a surefire way to instill basic grammar rules in young minds.

Green grammar pencil stationary set from Etsy for back to school | NONAGON.style

Although the gold foil lettering and pink eraser are a hark back to the standard HB, the ombre green hues add a fashion-forward flair to these retro stationery accessories.

Shark Bite Pencil Case

Say hello to your little one’s sharktastic new classroom companion.

Playful Etsy shark pencil case for kids perfect for back to school | NONAGON.style

Whimsical and cute, this underwater-themed pencil case is practical to boot, with room enough to fit all the back-to-school stationery essentials. Each case is handmade and comes with the option of personalization for that extra special touch.


How are you and your family preparing for back to school?




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