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7 Style Inspiration Tips from ‘The Crown’

7 Style Inspiration Tips from ‘The Crown’

Decor tips fit for royalty

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on December 5th 2016
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If you’ve been binge-watching Netflix’s The Crown like us, maybe you too have fallen in love with the show’s beautiful costumes, and of course, the sumptuous interiors.


The show follows the private life of Queen Elizabeth II, yet also provides an insider’s look into the lifestyle of royalty. The first season starts off in 1947 and offers lavish set designs and classic period pieces from postwar Britain. The set designers, prop makers and costume department clearly worked hard to capture the style and aesthetic of the time. While the queen has inspired many fashion looks in her lifetime, it’s now the hallways and parlors from The Crown that will have you moving the furniture around!


If you too wish you could live like a queen, have a read of our The Crown inspired interior design tips – helping you to turn your living room into a residence fit for your majesty.

1. Go Bold with Royal Blue

The Royal family receive a group of carollers on Christmas Eve while seated on a gorgeous blue velvet sofa.

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Still from The Crown |
image source

The sofa is a lovely bold statement piece in the room. It certainly stands out among the wooden bookcases and the woven patterns of the carpet.

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Bright white living room with velvet blue sofas |
image source

This is a great example of how blue can liven up a room. Velvet has been spotted as an upcoming trend for 2017, so consider mixing it into the living room for more texture and style.

2. Friends and Curtains in High Places

Being king means working hard, even on Christmas Day. It’s easy to feel buried in piles of paperwork and stuck in a box; we know how that feels, right?

The Crown Inspired Home Decor: Ceiling Length Drapes |
image source

Luckily, the rooms have been made to feel more spacious, with large windows framed by drapes that hang high from the ceiling to give extra height.

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Modern classical bedroom with floor to ceiling drapes |
image source

Dark textured drapes are perfect for the winter to add warmth to your space. Meanwhile, light curtains are a great option for all seasons. They enlarge a room, making it perfect for homes with small spaces.

3. Have Them Paint the Walls Pastel

Pastels were all the rage in the 50s. Indeed, the retro soft-hued palette quietly sets the tone for The Crown’s characters and their day to day lives. Princess Margaret is often seen in this pastel pink room, where the Queen also holds her meetings with Winston Churchill.

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Princess Margaret in a pastel colored room |
image source

The pretty walls are complemented by muted blue drapes which give the room an overall softness. This combination ties in wonderfully with the bouquets of flowers that decorate the room.

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Rustic country living room with pastel aqua walls and floral accents |
image source

The light pastel aqua sets a great base tone blue, perfectly pairing with the other laid back patterns in this room. Consider adding festive florals and greenery to your space for a lively and feminine touch.

4. Dining in Damask

Winston Churchill takes his most important meals seated at this dining table. Here, he holds dinner with the Duke of Windsor to discuss important matters.

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Winston Churchill in a damask and wood dining room |
image source

The chairs are furnished with an intricate gold and blue damask, which instantly conjures an air of grace and grandeur.

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Elegant dining room with damask details |
image source

For a formal dining room, pick chairs with a tall upright back and you’ll find yourself sitting with importance and elegance. Darker wood furniture exudes regency and luxury, so if that’s what you’re going for, opt for a teak or walnut wood, or experiment with a dark wood stains. For further refinement, upholster your chairs with a sophisticated pattern of neoclassical rolling quills and ornate curlicues.

5. Inherited Hand-Me-Downs

We love a good vintage find!

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Princess Margaret at an antique desk |
image source

The Crown features a fantastic set; behind each shot is a team of designers and furniture makers who have skilfully put the rooms together with the use of vintage items. So draw inspiration from The Crown for your next antique-hunt!

'The Crown Inspired Interior Design: White minimalist room with striking dark wood antique desk |
image source

This classic study desk is a refined statement piece, blending well into the minimalist room. There are many stories to tell with a well loved vintage piece, whether you’re using the desk to write your next masterpiece or just a letter to your penpal.

6. A Place for a Spot of Brandy

Churchill and his wife enjoy their sundowner in comfort next to the fireplace, while reclining in tufted leather seats.

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Winston Churchill relaxing in front of a roaring fire |
image source

If your home was built with a fireplace, this is a great way to showcase it and, more importantly, to enjoy it.

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Cozy living room with black leather armchairs and fireplace |
image source

Pairing the arrangement with classic leather armchairs is comforting and gently draws attention to the fireplace. You can bring balance into the room by placing the armchairs symmetrically.

7. Hang More Than the Family Portrait

One consistent element in the palace rooms is the huge amount of art on display. The British Royal Family own the largest private art collection in the world!

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Still from The Crown |
image source

You too can hang your favorite bits and pieces of art. In fact, for that real authentic palace feel, you could browse the Royal Collection and frame a few reproduction prints. For your ‘almost-royal’ collection, you can use bronze and gold frames – don’t be worried about mixing metals!

The Crown Inspired Interior Design: Modern classical home office with gallery wall art |
image source

Hanging art on your walls helps you to bring inspiration and personality to your space. Experiment with different frame sizes and colors, and turn the walls into your own private gallery.

Thinking of trying these out in your home? What other inspiration have you drawn from The Crown? Let us know in the comments below!


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