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9 Creative Inspirations You Should Try for the Kid’s Bedroom

9 Creative Inspirations You Should Try for the Kid’s Bedroom

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on March 30th 2016
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Our kids are special and they add a little bit of magic to our lives every day, and as parents we want to make their lives just as magical. As we ensure that they get the best of everything, providing them the right space to learn, play, and dream is just as important. A room full of inspiration and playfulness, that fosters talent and imagination might be the best thing for their early years.


There is no shortage of ideas and inspiration floating around. But, it’s also very easy to get overwhelmed by the information overload. For the moms and dads planning to renovate their kid’s bedroom , or for the first timers eagerly waiting for their little one to arrive, we have some top ideas for creating that magic space. Here are nine handpicked rooms for you.

Up in the Air

This beautiful nursery adds a whimsical touch with the hot air balloons flying high above the colorful mountain range.

Playful kid's bedroom with beautiful hot air balloon decor on NONAGON.style
image source

What an excellent idea to introduce your child to the beautiful outdoors from an early age, and a great setup for a million bedtime stories for your young adventurer. The sheepskin rugs remind us of our furry friends, meanwhile adding a whole lot of coziness.

Forever Spring

When the windows open up to such a bright and beautiful garden, it’s great to see an interior that highlights the beauties of its surroundings. With minimalist furniture and neutral walls, adding an array of spring colors is a treat to the eyes.

Gray kid's bedroom with colorful decor on NONAGON.style
image source

This nursery shouts ‘Joy’! Love the colorful throw pillows and homely, hand crafted look of the paintings on the wall. The clever use of daffodil-yellow cushions and lamps is like a splash of sunshine among the pastel. It’s a bright beginning to a cheerful life.

Playful Dream

This nursery is a great example of blending baby’s room into the overall style of your home. It’s not necessary to go out of your comfort zone to style a nursery. Just adding some elements that your baby will love and need is all it takes.

White scandinavian kid's bedroom with minimal interiors on NONAGON.style
image source

The animal figures in this room make it a chic stylish zoo that any baby would love to grow up in. The white giraffe lampshades are absolutely adorable. The minimalist look leaves plenty of room to play and paint their own universe. The crib is the showstopper in this room. We love its color and stellar design. The use of neutral colors soothes the eyes and makes this room a cozy sanctuary.

Princess Pink

Alas, your baby girl has reached the age where everything she wants and owns needs to be pink, and only pink, but you’re not so crazy about replicating Barbie’s Dreamhouse. Well, here’s a solution – try using Gray!

Pretty pink and gray interiors for the little girl's room - featured on NONAGON.style
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Gray and pink are a match made in complementary-color heaven. We love the use of colors and patterns in this room, that blend everything perfectly together, giving a modern farm-house kind of feel. The polka dots and chicken footsteps across the room adds playfulness. The white wood floor makes the room look more spacious and bright. With plenty of room to play, be ready for all the tea party invitations.

Boy’s Den

Neat, bold, with a rustic touch, this bedroom celebrates black and white and the hidden cowboy within every child. Blueish-grey walls add a very subtle masculine element to the room, renouncing the tirade that blue is for boys. It adds character to the room, while keeping it bright.

Pops of black and yellow decor with a bed inspired by fences in the kid's bedroom - featured on NONAGON.style
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The collection of cushions is so adorable. We love the curled up bear and star. And the color yellow is like designer’s fairy dust, this season! It’s sprinkled throughout the kid’s bedroom, but the showstopper chair and the wooden fence framing the bed are our favorite parts of this decor.

Camping at Home

The ultimate in space saver is the loft bed, and this kid’s bedroom shows you that it doesn’t just have to be a place to sleep. The beauty of this room is its organized chaos.

Creative kid's bedroom features a wooden playhouse loft bed - featured on NONAGON.style
image source

We love the excitement in the room, from the wild boar’s head and matching rug, the magician’s hat and bunny assistant, to the crates housing books and toys. This room has all the elements that make up a perfect childhood – fun and adventure all the way!

Princess Castle

It’s not always easy for siblings to share a room, especially when they are different ages. What’s great about this room is the way the two opposite corners have been designed with different looks for each sister. This can easily be adapted for your own kids.

Pink and mint green bedrooms for girls - featured on NONAGON.style
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We love how they have blended the styles with similar patterns and colors, but accented in new ways. The older one’s green chair shaped like a flower is the best thing ever. It can be easily re-used as a garden chair in later years. The younger one’s princess pink chair is absolutely adorable as well. The pattern of the clouds and dots on the wallpaper is a stunning backdrop to the princess beds. Cute paintings, cute toys and beautiful rugs. This room is styled to cute perfection.

Side by Side

Having two boys is an experience completely opposite to having two girls, so the rooms have got to be designed accordingly. The boys in this family wanted a space to jump, wrestle, and dress up as their favorite superhero!

Modern yellow and gray bedding sets for the kid's bedroom - featured on NONAGON.style
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This room is simple and spacious, giving the kids enough room to play around, crawl under the beds and drift off into their self-created magic wonderland. The wall showcases their creative sides and what they love most, and as we can see they love the room.

Urban Garden

Bringing the outdoors inside with some floral wallpaper, this is ideal for urban dwellers who don’t have the luxury of a garden. We love the way a part of the wallpaper has been used on the loft bed.

Enchanting floral wall decor and loft bed with matching teepee for the kid's bedroom - featured on NONAGON.style
image source

This shared room has some great elements, and the area under bed is a perfect spot to read, play and put on a puppet show! The tepee is absolutely adorable as well. The giraffe head on the wall adds a little more jungle feel to the wallpaper garden.  Cozy, bright and beautiful, a room like this is sure to lead to some amazing stories to cherish forever!


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