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9 Room Inspirations for Open Plan Kitchens

9 Room Inspirations for Open Plan Kitchens

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on April 23rd 2016
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More of us are opening up our kitchen areas to combine cooking with straight to the table dining. Even our living room can flow into a kitchen to create the feel of more room. Take a look at these inspirations for cooking in company. There are so many ways to make your food space work with other rooms or activities, it’s all about the way you divide the space.

Dining table with high counter top offers plenty of preparation space | NONAGON.style

This kitchen space from Egue y Seta brings eating to the center of attention. The table placed in the middle is high enough to use as a counter top, providing more preparation space. I love the way the glass wall frame can provide a hot house environment for the plants. You could even use this area to grow your herbs! Great for giving the room an added bit of calm, or even cutting down the distance between garden to dinner table.


Modern kitchen with muted color tones and sleek kitchen island | NONAGON.style

This is a great space to host huge gatherings. The courtyard in the center also opens to other parts of the house, allowing everything to flow through, and blends all the spaces. Elías Rizo Arquitectos put this flow together by making use of wall panels that can be tucked out of the way to open the area. The operable windows allow the room to spread right through from the interior to exterior. It maintains a sleek and clean design, but by keeping muted color tones the attention stays on the activity of the room and for the people interacting there.

Old garage space converted into a kitchen area connected to the living space | NONAGON.style

The kitchen in this family home is on another level. The rear of the house had been connected to an old garage, but it has now been converted for better use by South Park Design Build. Now you can see, the steps are a bridge between the kitchen area, and the family relaxation room. The colors of the woodwork and the walls are used in both spaces, which uniforms the house. But by combining the carpentry with the transparent glass balcony the area remains bright. By rearranging on different levels, the overall space is opened up to feel less cramped.

Glass kitchen backsplash under a lounge mezzanine area | NONAGON.style

In this apartment the designers took out many of the walls to open the area up more and more. In that way the kitchen has become the center of the home and even the entire room with dining, living and sleeping areas clustered around it. So that’s why BconnectedMallorca used the lounge mezzanine area above the kitchen as a novel way to divide the room and allow it to stay more open. I particularly like the way the glass splashback looks paired with the glass vase.

Bold black cabinets create a modern kitchen | NONAGON.style

The cabinets are used here to outline the kitchen area in this look created by Paul de Ruiter. While black is a bold tone to bring into the home, it doesn’t dominate here because the matte texture keeps it soft. The green garden outside provides a nice visual balance, too. It doesn’t feel too dark either because there is enough natural light let in from the windows.

Cooking area balances teal and white with white subway tiled kitchen backsplash | NONAGON.style

It’s those big bold cutout corners paired with the soft circles that make this cute corner kitchen so great. The cooking area balances the teal and white, and the shelves make use of ceramics to be part of the decoration of the room instead of hiding it behind doors.


Kitchen island with a custom made hidden bench under the countertop | NONAGON.style

One of the problems with the rise of kitchen island dining is the addition of bar stools, where you are perching at the counter rather than relaxing. To solve that problem, this kitchen island has a bench made for it that tucks under the counter and can lie flush with the rest of the fitting. While other open plan kitchens share a space with the sofa, this one is incorporating the sofa into dining!


Outdoor kitchen with bare wood panels and contemporary Minacciolo countertop | NONAGON.style

With its bare wood panels and punnets of veg, this kitchen reminds us of a country cottage, and breakfasts from the garden. The boards make it easy to hang equipment, and the large drawers of the kitchen island provide a way to tuck everything away. The white contemporary design of the Minacciolo countertop adds a luxe quality to the shabby chic style of the room.


Kitchen design by LCA Architetti features iron panels to divide the area from wooden fittings | NONAGON.style

The kitchen is at the core of so many family interactions, and this kitchen proves itself to be the pivot point for all other movement around the house. Not only because it sits in the middle of the apartment, but it feels like it has been carved out for the purpose thanks to the way the ceiling is slightly extended beyond, compared to other parts of the room. Designed by LCA Architetti, the iron panels also mark the room out as different from the lounge and library area, and is a contrast to the brightness of the long sleek wooden paneling. Overall the effect creates invisible walls, to place in the kitchen as the center without it being in the way.


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