9 Types of Couches You Should Know
9 More Types of Couches You Should Know

9 More Types of Couches You Should Know

Another round up of sofa styles and types of couches

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If you haven’t already read our quick guide to these 11 sofa styles then start there. This guide features another 9 settee types, to help with your couch shopping. We’ve collected these useful phrases and photos, so you can find the exact type of couch you’re looking for.


So do you know your Knole from your Divan?

Sectional Sofas

Mid-century modern style sectional sofa with chaise longue | NONAGON.style
Blue sectional sofa from Sofamania (external link)

Sometimes you want your sofa to be a bit varied. Sectional sofas usually contain modular elements that let you adapt your sofa to the room. Typically they are arranged in an L shape. If you want an asymmetrical sofa, chances are searching for a sectional sofa will yield what you’re looking for. You may also just want to find a corner sofa.


With sectional sofas you’re able to find different options. Maybe you want the left hand side to feature a chaise longue, or have a higher back depth along the right side. Sectional options include having no arm rest, or maybe even mixing up the color scheme for your chairs. So much variety!

Sectional sofa in the media room, walls feature raw concrete look | NONAGON.style
image source
Sectional settee design from Anthropologie in Dragonfly color | NONAGON.style
Sectional settee from Anthropologie (external link)
Stone and yellow sectional sofa | NONAGON.style
image source

Knole Settee

Knole Sofa from Knole House, UK | NONAGON.style
©National Trust Images/John Miller

The original Knole Sofa or Knole Settee started out as a type of throne. Kings and queens wanted a comfortable chair to receive guests, and the Knole sofa was initially like a daybed, suitable for relaxing in. It had support for upright sitting with adaptable arms that lay flat.


The name derives from a grand English country estate called Knole House in Kent, United Kingdom. During the 16th century the home welcomed kings and queens, and the Knole Sofa provided the perfect spot to receive visitors. An original Knole chair remains on display to the general public.


A modern-day Knoll sofa is adjustable, less robust than other sofas, but they still look quite impressive and luxurious. The high back is a strong feature, and usually the arms are just as high. Keeping the sides taut, usually the sofa’s arms and back are tightly bound thanks to a heavy and elaborately braided bullion rope wrapped around the finials.

Midnight blue Knole sofa | NONAGON.style
image source
Delphine Knole Sofa | NONAGON.style
Knole sofa from Ahsley Manor (external link)
Knole sofa design | NONAGON.style
Knole sofa from Jameson Seating (external link)

Divan Sofas

Divan backless settee bench in blue roll patterns | NONAGON.style
Blue patterned divan sofa (external link)

Of Middle Eastern origin, a Divan is a long couch that stretches along a wall. It’s often without a back, instead using the wall or cushions to prop you up and keep you comfortable. Modern versions might feature a very low backrest support, or maybe you could use a long ottoman pushed against the wall to replicate this look.

image from Van Der Vein home tour
Modern divan style sofas | NONAGON.style
image source
Modern sofa with sectional bits and backless seating | NONAGON.style
image source

Barrelback Sofas

Barrel back sofa from Abt Modern | NONAGON.style
Wooden barrelback sofa from Abt Modern (external link)

Notice the round shape. Simply put, this type of settee has a sloping round back that makes the sofa feel cozy. The barrelback shape lends itself to different design styles.

Green mid-century modern style barrelback sofa | NONAGON.style
Green mid-century style sofa (external link)
Barrel back chair | NONAGON.style
image by NONAGON.style

Reclining Sofas

Stone covered reclining sofa | NONAGON.style
image source for reclining sofa (external link)

A sofa is the perfect spot to recline, to rest, and to take a break. Reclining sofas take it one step further by tilting almost flat. They feature single seat sections that mean you can lounge in super comfort. Do consider however that this style of sofa is usually quite large to cover the mechanics of the folding system. Not so suitable for small apartments.


Red futon with wooden frame | NONAGON.style
image source

Futons have got a bad reputation. While the name derives from Japanese ‘futon’ bedding which folds away to make space in the day, a ‘futon sofa’ as we know it in the Western world has a different style (and lower quality) that doesn’t usually match up to its original counterpart.


Sofa futons refer to a rolled up mattress, which is usually stored on a sofa frame. When they first became popular, the materials were saggy and this generally led to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. But there are good ones out there now, and they really are convenient as a back up bed for visitors.

Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofa reclines into a bed | NONAGON.style
Sleeper sofa (external link)

The pullout couch, a sofa bed or a sleeper sofa – this is a useful living room furniture piece for those who regularly have guests but don’t have a guest room.


Like a futon, a sleeper sofa can convert to a bed by pulling out certain parts or moving the back flat. Unlike a futon, these elements are usually all contained and the sofa stays intact. When you’re shopping for a sleeper sofa don’t forget to measure the length of the room; you want to make sure that the bed will fit when it’s extended.

DHP futon sofa bed in blue with chrome legs | NONAGON.style
Stylish settee (external link)
Navy blue pullout couch | NONAGON.style
Navy couch from One King's Lane (external link)
Red sofa bed | NONAGON.style
Red sofa bed (external link)
Mid-century modern style sleeper sofa | NONAGON.style
Get this splitback sofa from Amazon (external link)

Bunkbed Sleeper Sofa

Bunk bed sofa | NONAGON.style
image from Archiproducts (external link)

You’ve seen bunkbeds with sofas, but what about sofas with bunkbeds? A surprise twist on the pullout couch, these double bed sofas are a good way to host guests when you’re short on space.

Pullout sofa with bunk bed | NONAGON.style
image from Archiproducts (external link)

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