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9 Ways to Go Vintage with Rattan Furniture

9 Ways to Go Vintage with Rattan Furniture

Prepare for all round boho vibes

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on August 1st 2016
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Vintage furniture has a story to tell, and well-made furniture lasts for generations. Personally, we love to keep things interesting with a mixed collection of modern and antique furniture at home. One great method to add a vintage look lies in using rattan furniture.


Since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, reeds and flexible woods such as willow have been used to make wicker. But when Victorian sea traders brought strong and sturdy rattan from Southeast Asia to the West, the style boomed in popularity. The quick growing rattan plants were strong and flexible to use, making rattan furniture cheap and easily available.


Rattan never completely went out of fashion, but it’s only now being revived to fit modern interiors. If you are lucky to have inherited some old furniture from your family, take the time to give it an overhaul rather than discarding it altogether.

For the rest of us, there are many pieces of rattan furniture on the market that will add vintage glamour aplenty to the home.

A Back-to-Basics Bed

This simple yet stunning bed looks like the perfect place to rest your head at the end of the day.

Simple rattan bed with white bedding | NONAGON.style
image source

Our modern beds with a heavy base and headboards usually occupy a large space in the bedroom, but this bed will make the room look light and clutter-free. Its minimal aesthetic will blend well with the rest of your modern decor. We love the idea of using a smaller version of this bed as a daybed in the living room.

Cozy Cupboards

Having a rattan cupboard in sight is another interesting way to add some vintage look to your decor.

Boho chic rattan storage cupboard | NONAGON.style
image source

In the living room, it can be used to stow away the things you want to hide from plain sight. Try accessorizing with some foliage and succulents to add extra boho vibes to your space.

Rustic rattan storage cupboard | NONAGON.style
image source

A Stylish Chair and Ottoman Duo

Although more wicker than rattan, this gorgeous chair and ottoman duo is sure to bring a unique style to your home decor.

Rattan chair and ottoman duo | NONAGON.style
image source

This set can be easily used on your patio or in the garden. The cute egg shaped design is a delight to look at, and the comfy seats will make it the perfect companion for some summer fun.

Rattan Bassinets for Babies

We always want something special for our kids so as to make their childhood as memorable as possible. This sturdy yet light bassinet will do just that and more.

Rattan bassinet cradle | NONAGON.style
image source

The cradle is easy to move around the house and once the baby grows out of it, you can reuse it in so many ways; make it a laundry basket for example, or even a plant holder in the garden.

Room Dividers Rule

In spaces where you need to create visual partitions in the house but also want to keep it light and allow cross breeze, rattan screens can be an ideal choice.

Rattan room divider | NONAGON.style
image source

Additionally, dividers don’t take too much space and allow air to pass through for that carefree easy breezy feel.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A bold black rattan mirror is a surefire showstopper.

Esoteric black rattan sun mirror | NONAGON.style
image source

This sun mirror will add an edgy look to your home, whether in the living room or the entryway.

Rustic Napkin Rings

These gorgeous napkin rings are sure to compliment a hearty meal at your next family gathering.

Rustic rattan napkin rings | NONAGON.style
image source

They will look great during a garden lunch on a sunny afternoon or a formal dinner with friends and family. These holders also work well both in formal and casual dining decors.

Pretty Planters

When placing plants indoors, bare pots are not always the best solution, unless they are well crafted.

Rattan plant pot covers | NONAGON.style
image source

These rattan plant covers will make them look pretty indoors, while also saving your furniture and floor from getting ruined. Rattan wonderfully complements plants and will add a serene look to your indoor greenery.

A Casual Couch

This beautiful couch is a great replacement for the heavy loungers we usually have at home. Breaking away from the usual, its rattan frame will add a fresh look to your living room.

Modern rattan sofa | NONAGON.style
image source

Other than adding a vintage look, this sofa will help making the room look brighter and more casual. We adore the earthy tones on this piece.

Did you like our rattan collection? What unique look would you like to add to your home? Let us know in the comments!


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