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This Contemporary Taipei Home Boasts Style and Functionality

This Contemporary Taipei Home Boasts Style and Functionality

Striking Aesthetics Meet Everyday Functionality

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on June 5th 2016
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We often imagine apartments in big South East Asian cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong to be shoe box sized, but Taipei is a little different. With a range of available housing on offer, a Taipei home can often afford to be a little more spacious. What’s more, located in one of the most vibrant, designer-forward cities in the home, Taipei homes further benefit from a cacophony of art and creativity booming in various sectors, resulting in stunning abodes embodying the latest architectural trends. Let’s take a look at one of them.

A modern open-plan living and dining area in a Taipei home | NONAGON.style

Set into the winding hillside of Xinhai Road on the outskirts of the busy Taipei city, this home belongs to a couple who spends a lot of time travelling for work. In need of a quiet place, they found their dream apartment in an undisturbed neighborhood with gorgeous views.

Dark-toned modern living room with full wall bookshelf in a Taipei home | NONAGON.style

The husband and wife are both designers, furniture designer and shoe designer respectively, and had a clear idea of what they wanted in their home. Having always been drawn to darker tones in their work, the couple chose to adorn the inside of their home in a mix of black, white and gray tones, creating a perfect balance between the opposing visuals of the bright and beautiful outdoors.

Full wall bookshelf storage unit in a contemporary Taipei home | NONAGON.style

In the living area, a full wall shelving unit is used both as a bookcase and storage. The overall collection of furniture around the house is carefully curated – it is a furniture designer’s home after all!

Vibrant orange Moroso armchair in a Taipei home | NONAGON.style

The bright colors of this Moroso armchair is a clear contrast to the rest of the setting, breaking away from the plain darker tones and adding playfulness to the room.

A modern open-plan living area with vibrant Moroso armchair in a Taipei home | NONAGON.style

One of the most stunning features of the house is the natural light that floods the apartment every morning. To make the most of this, the floorplan was changed to allow for an open-plan living space. The kitchen was originally a small room at the back of the house; now, the old kitchen has been converted into a guest bathroom. The black backsplash in the kitchen reflects light and acts as mirrors, bringing in the view of the outdoors.

Dark-walled dining area with feature flower light and wood accents in a Taipei home | NONAGON.style

Apart from the abundant natural light, the entire house is accentuated with beautiful light fixtures. This particular one above the dining table creates a blooming flower visual on the ceiling when lit up.

Black iron divider wall separating the living and private areas of a Taipei home | NONAGON.style

A moving black iron wall helps in separating the private rooms and the living area. The embossed lines on this wall display subtle changes as light is projected onto them, making it an interesting visual feature in addition to a functional design piece. This is in keeping with Ganna Design’s ideology of creating personal spaces with a balance between striking aesthetics and everyday functionality.

Modern minimalist bedroom in a Taipei home | NONAGON.style
Modern minimalist bedroom with dotty stool in a Taipei home | NONAGON.style

Due to their frequent travel for work, they wanted the home to be luxurious and spacious. At the same time, since they are accustomed to spending a lot of their time in hotels, they also wanted some commercial elements at home for a seamless experience between their travel and home life. This is evident in the bedrooms, which look as if they have come straight from a hotel suite. The sense of luxury and comfort is loud and clear in both master bedroom and the second bedroom.

Contemporary bathroom with marble and wood accents in a Taipei home | NONAGON.style

The master bathroom is beautiful, with gray and white marble accents and the use of a black partition wall that slightly resembles the one in the living room.

White modern hallway in a Taipei home | NONAGON.style

There is a beautiful flow between the different parts of this Taipei home, connecting each room while keeping its individuality. All this combined with functional design elements makes it a perfect place for the owners to call home.


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