Inside a Pretty in Pastel Spanish Vacation Home |
A Spanish Vacation Home Blends Pretty Pastels and Art Nouveau Details

A Spanish Vacation Home Blends Pretty Pastels and Art Nouveau Details

The ultimate retro home away from home

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on May 18th 2016
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Tyche Apartment


Roberto Ruiz

Colorful living space with pastel and Art Nouveau details |

All of us bitten by the travel bug know that a vacation is a time to unwind from the stresses of life. It’s our time away from the usual, so it’s imperative that a vacation home echoes that. It needs to be a sanctuary where you can reboot your energies and refresh your senses, just like the Tyche Apartment in Barcelona – the ultimate Spanish vacation home away from home.

Contemporary dining room with decorative floor tiles and Art Nouveau details |

The art nouveau building turned vacation home in the Eixample district of Barcelona was renovated by CaSa Architecture. It belongs to an Italian family who wanted a modern three bedroom home for their regular visits to Spain. The result is a stylish apartment that manages to balance a contemporary aesthetic with original art nouveau design elements.

Art Nouveau details meet pretty pastels in this retro Spanish vacation home |

The home is an interesting blend of old and new. Its original internal structure was reconfigured to make optimal use of natural light. Now, the narrow and linear building gives way to a structure that divides the apartment into blocks so that the living room is to the left of the entrance and the bedrooms to the right. This segmentation has been beautifully highlighted with the use of wall colors.

Pretty pastels meet Art Nouveau details in this Spanish vacation home |

The living room is the most stunning part of this apartment. Plain white walls stay muted as the floor and ceiling do all the talking. The beautiful arches of the Catalan vaults were rescued; with their stunning restoration, the vaults bring a historic charm to space.

Retro pastel pink kitchen with open shelving |
Retro pastel pink kitchen with SMEG refrigerator and open shelving |

The no-fuss kitchen is lovely with white countertops, colorful crockery and pink wall. We love the SMEG refrigerator which adds a touch of retro style to this setup. Flexible open shelving (a.k.a. the Instagram home trend of the moment) and low lamps give the space a 50’s diner look.

Bedroom with pastel pink and green Amaranth windows |

Pastels are forever! The pink theme continues in the bedroom block corridor. The rosy shade might not be your first choice at home, but it’s worth considering for small spaces with less natural light.

Simple white minimalist bedroom in a Spanish vacation home |
Simple white minimalist bedroom with utilitarian clothes rack |

The bedrooms themselves are simple, white and comfy. The owners specifically asked for furniture that does not dominate the overall style. Amaranth windows were also restored, with some color added to complement the new look of the house.

White minimalist bedroom with orange accents and en-suite |

The master suite at the end of the corridor has an attached bathroom. It was designed to maximize the use of natural light from the window, and also to create a sense of luxury. The bright yellow orange color of the bathroom is a striking contrast to the rest of the apartment.

Minimalist bathroom with yellow-orange details and hexagonal tiles |

The main bathroom follows the same color pattern. We adore how the brightness of the walls is complemented with hexagonal white tiles, ensuring a lively start to your day.

Spanish vacation home with Art Nouveau details |

Even though this apartment was designed as a vacation home, it has a lot of elements that can be used for everyday life. With fresh colors, minimalist furniture and some details of your favorite design era, you too can make your home a timeless masterpiece!


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