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A New Definition of Luxury with Mixed Materials

A New Definition of Luxury with Mixed Materials

Taiwanese home shows new eclectic style of luxury

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on October 2nd 2016
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Arthouse No. 11

You’re about to see some stunning photos of a luxury apartment in Taipei that turns the definition of luxury on its head, with an eclectic use of materials and unique shapes and designs to create some great features. It’s full of inspiration and ideas that you too can use in your next remodeling project.


The home belongs to a pair of explorers, art collectors and opera lovers in their 60s. They love to cook, entertain and do outdoor sports and they wanted their apartment to reflect their exuberant personalities. It has become a stage for them to share their passion for life, their individuality and their favorite activities with friends!

Dark room with black floorboard | NONAGON.style

The project was overseen by J.C. Architecture, who have given us a few pointers on the work carried out on the home. One of the first things you notice from the entrance of this house is the spaces for flowers and natural elements. At the end of the corridor you can see a segment they have designed for different flower arrangements; a bookshelf box system where the owners can put flowers and plants in different patterns, and show off not only the pretty petals but also the plant vases’ shapely silhouettes too.

Living room with plush textures against hard materials | NONAGON.style

The opulent sofa collection sets the tone for relaxation in this living room area. Big wide comfortable pieces, and the soft edges of the coffee table work in harmony, creating an inviting space for downtime. The gorgeously plush blush velvet sofa is the Redondo Divano by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. Its curved features are inspired by those American cars of the 50s and 60s, and the padded shell shape texture of the pattern give it extra warmth.

Black and white mix with wood materials and plush textiles in luxury Taiwan apartment | NONAGON.style

Set against the wall, the TV and storage unit has many different levels. The black frame is like a shell, with the extra cabinets and pieces aligned on top, hiding the electrical cables and providing a space for the backlit flower arrangement.

Industrial contemporary dining table | NONAGON.style

The room enjoys wide open space and flow, but the wall fittings really help to define each area for separate kinds of activities.

Mixed materials dining table blending marble and metals with wood | NONAGON.style

This showstopper dining table was custom made for the room. It is inspired by Taiwanese natural scenery, and incorporates a range of natural elements. The rough texture of the dark rock contrasts with the smooth surface of the marble, punctuated with the strong wood element and creating, in my opinion, a unique talking point for the room.

Round chandelier hangs majestically above the mixed materials dining table in Taiwan apartment | NONAGON.style
Taiwan apartment with light | NONAGON.style

All along the walls and ceiling in this kitchen and dining area are these round strips of white wood. They help to create a contrast point with the living room sofa area, as the total of the room itself is quite long. But in transitioning over to the kitchen defined by the white wood, it helps to slow you down and feel relaxed.


The shadows created by the depth in wood give the room a lot of structure and a one-of-a-kind look.

Open plan kitchen and dining room with mixed materials | NONAGON.style
Kitchen pantry with hexagonal decoration and wooden against black | NONAGON.style

Another original design that features in this house is the geometric pattern played out across these wooden panels. The owners love to take care of plants, and it was important to incorporate these natural touches to the apartment. The flowers were made out of fabric offcuts, and are interwoven into the hexagons.


The wooden walls have some visual trickery, too. Depending on the angle that you look at the shapes, you can see either a 3D square or a hexagon cut out from the different grains of the wood.

Marble countertop and kitchen island with sleek black and white walls | NONAGON.style
Hallway with sleek cupboards | NONAGON.style
Hallway view with storage | NONAGON.style
Rocking chair in the perfect place for relaxation | NONAGON.style
Living room with contemporary armchair and mixed materials | NONAGON.style
Cascading purple lilac walls for the master bedroom | NONAGON.style

The lavender gradient in the bedroom really catches your eye. To me, the softness of the fade is calming especially paired with the shaded light from the window. Adhering to Zen philosophy, that a room should be uncluttered for a clear mind, the bed takes up minimal space and a place to relax and unwind.

Cascading pinks and purples in the bedroom | NONAGON.style

Dark hardwood floors do not feel overwhelming here, because of the light and those Zen-like furnishings in the rest of the room. The room simply owns the tranquil look, pairing the dark floor with the square frame windows that are highly reminiscent of Japanese sliding doors.

Bathroom with white tiles and cascading blue tiles | NONAGON.style

For a theatrical centerpiece take a look at this daring bathroom. The nautical inspired tiles are in white and blue, giving the room a bright and fresh feel without much natural light. The whole room has been bumped up a notch by seeing these arabesque-style tiles also crescendo into an ocean wave that rises through the upper space.


The bathtub and sink centered in the middle is a twist on the way we might usually see a bathroom layout. By keeping bathing activities on one side, with the toilet on the other, elements of the room blend and segregate for their different uses.

Bathroom view with white and blue tiles | NONAGON.style
Bathroom with brown tiles and mirror | NONAGON.style
TV is framed with ceramic mosaic tiles and a picture frame | NONAGON.style

Tucked in between the wide living room area and on the way through to the bedroom is this quiet corner for reading and watching television. It’s a cozy spot, and an oasis of calm in the household, with the sun and outside scenery peeping through. It’s a hideaway in the hustle and bustle of Taipei City.

Red wall in the dining room with sheets of blinds in the window | NONAGON.style
Shutters for dividing the dining room from living area | NONAGON.style

The owners couldn’t be happier with their new home, and wanted to move in straight away, as it was just what they were looking for from their new space. While much of the style holds dear to the Zen and uncluttered way of thinking about home design, there are many warm and eccentric pieces that lift the home into something unique and inviting. There’s no doubt that it is a twist on the typical styles and straight lines of a luxury apartment, but instead stands as an example of a fun and eclectic home in Taiwan.


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