The Kinfolk Home: A Shopping Guide |
A Shopping Guide for the Kinfolk Home

A Shopping Guide for the Kinfolk Home

Back to basics

Written by –
Jess Ng
on March 31st 2018
Born and raised in the UK, Jess is NONAGON’s resident historian turned marketer turned writer, drawn to Hong Kong by the lure of dim sum breakfasts and bustling city life. A foodie who loves to cook, food occupies 70% of her brain 90% of the time. When not eating, Jess can typically be found buried in a book or obsessing over making NONAGON’s Instagram #feedgoals.

In an age where interior trends come and go at the drop of a hat, an aesthetic style which prioritizes slow living and craftsmanship might well be the revolution we never knew we needed. Enter the revival of kinfolk, a back-to-basics lifestyle movement which predates hygge and jungalow chic in emphasizing simplicity and authenticity as the order of the day.


In design terms, the style looks aesthetically similar to Scandi minimalism and earthy bohemianism. Think neutral hues, artisan crafts and plants – lots of plants – and you’re halfway there. Read on for our detailed shopping guide that will transform your abode into a kinfolk home in no time.

A shopping guide for the kinfolk home |
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Naervaer Ceramic Vase

As the kinfolk movement is all about artisan crafts and raw materials, it’s only right to kick start this shopping guide with a ceramics pick.

Kinfolk Home: Rustic ceramic Naervaer Vase by Norm Architects |

The Naervaer Ceramic Vase by Norm Architects is part of a handmade collection of pottery created in close collaboration with Danish ceramicist Maj-Brit Würtz and renowned chef Yves Le Lay. Fill your vase with ferns and wildflowers to get that rustic back-to-nature look on lock.

Mima Plant Stand

Perch your bloom-filled ceramic vase atop an elegantly slender spindled plant stand.

Kinfolk Home: Wooden spindle Mima Plant Stand by John Eadon |

The kinfolk movement encourages people to make their own home furnishings, but if woodworking isn’t for you then John Eadon’s collection of handmade design pieces is the next best thing. We won’t tell if you won’t.

Brunswick Citris Juicer

So woodwork might be a bit of a stretch but home cooking is a kinfolk mantra we can get behind.

Kinfolk Home: Handmade 'Citris Juicer' by Kinfolk and Co. |

Handmade in durable stoneware by an artist just north of Australia’s Byron Bay, this beautiful juicer by Kinfolk and Co. is as much a piece of functional art as it is a kitchen essential.

Scandi Spice Jars

Sticking with the kitchen theme, our Scandi Spice Jars are another cookware basic that fit perfectly with the whole kinfolk aesthetic.

Kinfolk Home: Earthy-toned Scandi Spice Jars by |

A key facet of the kinfolk aesthetic is its neutral color palette. Washed out, earthy-toned shades of white, grey and pale green are key to mastering the look.

Farmhouse Serving Board

Part of the joy of living a stripped back kinfolk life is its emphasis on the simple things in life, such as spending quality time with friends and family.


Kinfolk Home: Rustic Leif Farmhouse Serving Boards |

This is probably the reason why the kinfolk hashtag is overwhelmingly associated with dreamy rustic dinner parties. Get the look with Leif’s Farmhouse Serving Board.

Cecilie Manz Bowl

Whilst Scandinavian and boho-chic design are the most obvious parallels to kinfolk style, the slow living movement also bears striking similarities to the Japanese aesthetic.

Kinfolk Home: Japanese-made earthenware Cecilie Manz Bowl by Fritz Hansen |

Like the kinfolk aesthetic, Japanese design values clean uncluttered living with a focus on nature. It’s no surprise then that this Japanese produced Fritz Hansen earthenware bowl embodies kinfolk to a tee.

Kinfolk style not for you? Not to worry, we’ve also covered how to create the ultimate boho home.


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