Egue Y Seta Home is a Temple to Stylish Domesticity |
Barcelona Home is a Temple to Stylish Domesticity

Barcelona Home is a Temple to Stylish Domesticity

And it overlooks Gaudi's Sagrada Familia

Written by –
Jess Ng
on January 4th 2018
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A Temple to ‘Earthly’ Families


Set in the heart of Barcelona’s Dreta de l’Eixample neighborhood, Egue Y Seta’s latest project is bright, colorful and stylishly functional. Boasting an aesthetic that fuses together two of the hottest interior design buzzwords of the moment, this Scandinavian meets Mediterranean Spanish home is truly a temple to stylish domesticity for the modern family. What’s more, the view, overlooking Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia no less, ain’t too bad either. Let’s take a closer look.

Open plan living room and kitchen designed by Egue Y Seta with exposed brick wall and hexagonal tile detail |

The main area of this home is an open plan living, dining and kitchen space that’s ideal for accommodating the undeniably hectic flow of everyday family life.

Egue Y Seta designed living and dining space with raised platform and large windows |

The different zones have been cleverly marked by interesting visual design details. Graphic hexagonal tiles, for example, define the kitchen space, whilst the dining area sits atop an elevated platform. Room dividers and steel framed windows are also great options to bear in mind for a similar effect.

Egue Y Seta designed living room with white walls and Mediterranean accents |

In the living room, an exposed brick wall commands attention, introducing some much welcome texture to the white heavy space. Pops of blue and yellow hark back to Egue Y Seta’s well-documented love of color; coupled with the wicker accents, these design details add a subtle touch of the Mediterranean into this sun-soaked abode.

Egue Y Seta designed dining space with mismatched dining chairs and black steel frame windows |

Surrounded by glass and outdoor views on three sides, the dining area is easily one of the highlights of the apartment.

Egue Y Seta designed dining space with wood accents |

The unmistakable greenhouse vibe is accentuated by the scattering of foliage and shabby chic mismatched dining chairs which remind me of garden furniture. The industrial matte black steel framed windows and pendant lights, however, keep the space feeling fresh and modern.

Egue Y Seta designed outdoor terrace with urban views |

In addition to a functional family home, the owners of this abode requested a superb terrace with magnificent urban views. From the looks of this simply stunning outdoor space, I think we can safely say that Egue Y Seta have delivered on this front.

Egue Y Seta designed outdoor terrace with urban views |

The key to creating a successful outdoor space is to treat it as you would any other room. Don’t  just throw in any old garden furniture – think about the overall look as a whole, and don’t forget to add in decorative accents such as rugs, pottery and plants!

Egue Y Seta designed boho bedroom with white walls and colorful throw |
Playful kids bedroom with bunting and teepee designed by Egue Y Seta |

For the bedrooms, Egue Y Seta have started with a markedly blank canvas of white walls and neutral wood floors. Style and personality have then been built in by the addition of a few choice accessories, including a playful teepee tent and cozy boho chic throw. This is a great way to go if you’re the type to regularly change up your interior style.

Egue Y Seta designed dining space with large windows and terrace |

All in all, Egue Y Seta’s creation is not just a temple to ‘Earthly’ families, but a temple to those sacred interior goals of style and functionality too. What do you think of this stunning family home?

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