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About Us

We are a digital platform providing exceptional content and curated shop featuring creations by emerging artisans and designers worldwide.
Within this community, together we discover the aesthetics of living, exploring inspirations of architecture, interior design and home decor.
STORY - What you need to know regarding the hottest happenings in the world of the artistic living, from Architecture to Interior Design, Home decor to Lifestyle Inspirations.

STORE - Discover and purchase our hand-picked exclusive creations from independent artists and designers from all around the world.

DIRECTORY - Full collection of architects, designers and artists we love! So that you can get to know more about them and keep up with their projects with ease.

Meet Our Team

Gordon believes in making big things happen. Business savvy and with a pedigree in architecture and design, he sees what's up-and-coming in the industry and leads the way forward. Spending formative years in Canada, and after many years working in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, he sees the power in international cross-cultural communication. He believes that NONAGON.style is the perfect showcase for artists, architects and designers to be heard, and where readers want to be excited, entertained and informed.
interior design home decor inspiration architecture lifestyle furniture
General Manager
Iris Yum
Hat, laughter and witty remarks, these are all features about Iris. She is always full of energy. With solid experience in film and entertainment industry, Iris is the master of marketing and management, and has her own taste in aesthetics.
interior design home decor inspiration architecture lifestyle furniture
Marketing Editor
Cristina Ng
Cristina is always curious about life and pursuing to challenge herself. She is invested in telling good stories to more people and zealous about video shooting and editing. As a lifestyle magazine editor, she is passionate in exploring the language of architecture and creative design.
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Marketing Editor
Marcella Wong
Marcella believes that one should always live life with mindfulness. Being able to notice aesthetics around is her gift and also her hobby.
You would find Marcella at her best either sourcing for interior design or home decor products, or in the kitchen exploring her gourmet paradise.

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