This Accidental Wes Anderson Bathroom will guarentee Best Bathroom Selfies |
This Accidental Wes Anderson Bathroom will guarentee Best Bathroom Selfies

This Accidental Wes Anderson Bathroom will guarentee Best Bathroom Selfies

Bathroom Selfie has been notoriously prevalent, it is literally everybody's guilty pleasure.

Written by –
Marcella Wong
on February 28th 2020
Marcella believes that one should always live life with mindfulness. Being able to notice aesthetics around is her gift and also her hobby.
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Bathroom used to be just a space where people would spend literally the minimal amount of time around. But with the rise of this weird yet addictive millennial social media trend of bathroom selfies, interior designers have been amping up the design game in the area for personal hygiene and self care.


Italian brand Ex.t has been creating a dreamy bathroom scene for your household. A bathroom is no longer just a bathroom, but a space of contemporary art and design expression awaits to be featured in your social media!


After seeing these bathrooms, you might also want to redecorate yours! They look almost like the modern takes on fairy tale vs Wes Anderson aesthetics.



Ex.t considers bathroom a space where chicness meets with energy. One of Ex.t’s design specialty is to create pieces with modular structure, that gives ultimate flexibility and make every piece extremely practical.


It will remain functional after periods of time even if you are redecorating or just wanting to freshen up things a little bit!

During the Maison&Object 2020 January in Paris, Ex.t published their new collections; “Frieze” – with focus in wash basins, and brand new shower and bathtub designs for the “Nouveau” line.


The mellow and soft hues creates a look of Wes Anderson movie aesthetics, along with its soft streamline design, this is definitely (almost) a modern art project!

Ex.t takes their inspiration for “Frieze” from Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein’s “Entablatures”. It features modular design where storage unit, wash basin and floating shelf that allows personalised arrangement to brings out the best effect in every different household.

Ex.t has given the collection its streamline minimal design, with multiple choices for colour and finishings for mix and matching. Given the whole collection an unique sense of vintage beauty yet super energetic and trendy.

The best part is that, “Frieze” comes in both natural(Calacatta) or manmade marble(livingtec ®) finishings, in white, pink, lilac or bluish green.


While the storage unit underneath would also be as flexible, it comes in two sizes, with MDF or walnut wood. Everything can be personalized to your liking!



“Nouveau” is considered a interpretation of 20th contemporary art deco in form of practical interior design.


With all these asymmetrical lines and clean outlook, Nouveau will definitely be the star of your selfie game!

Round shaped wash basin echoes with the round shaped bathtubs, both comes in matte white or blush colour.

Minimal yet extremely eye-catching. The Italian brand has truly introduce the new kind of elegance and luxury into one of the most difficult area for interior design.


These simple design with witty details would definitely be a delight to your everyday routine! And we would not mind to take all my selfies in bathrooms like this!


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